Friday, April 22, 2016

ILLINOIS: Only 7,500 teachers getting $100K a year pensions... for life


My family is full of teachers. I respect teachers. I value what they do. But let’s get real here. This – as my old buddy might say – is “a straight up jack move” from the unions. This is theft from the taxpayers. Sorry. I know your union “negotiated” the pensions with politicians which got money from your union but it is just stealing with the veneer of bureaucratic legitimacy. You know it. We know it.

The median household income (total) in Illinois is $54,916.

(From Forbes)

The public pension largess is not only for government educators, but also private education associations and union bosses. For example, Reginald Weaver was President of the National Education Association (NEA) in Washington, D.C. – the de facto national teacher’s union. Weaver’s Illinois teacher’s pension is now $22,759 per month, or $273,108 annually.

Moreover, many administrators taking six-figure pensions really aren’t even ‘retired.’ Twenty-one highly compensated school administrators are now members of the municipal system, not the teacher’s system. It’s double-dipping: receiving a ‘teacher’ retirement pension, while also rehired by a school under the ‘municipal’ plan.

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Robert What? said...

Personally I think Public Sector unions are anathema to good government and should be banned and disbanded. Their pensions are bankrupting many states and municipalities. The day is coming soon - if it is not here already - that private sector "retirees", who can't afford to actually retire, get $20k jobs at Walmart (and work til they drop dead) to pay the taxes to support public sector retirees with six digit pensions.

Anonymous said...

Chicago Teachers contribute $1200 a year for a pension that gives them $70,000+ a year for life,, Free medical, Free Dental, Free vision ,free everything, taken from hurting Illinois middle class taxpayers.... Illinois Democrats a joke on hard working residents