Wednesday, April 06, 2016

YES, REALLY: Legacy Media Urge Illegal Aliens to Sign Their Kids Up for Medi-Cal Welfare Program

Because California is running a massive surplus and the federal government is a financial powerhouse.

In a few months, California will begin providing full Medi-Cal coverage to all low-income children – regardless of their immigration status.

Depending on whom you ask, 170,000 to 250,000 children who live in California and are in the country illegally will qualify.

If you think your child will, or know a parent whose child will, state officials and health care advocates have a simple message for you: Take action now...

...The idea is that when the change occurs, qualified children will automatically transition into full-scope Medi-Cal “within a few days” and without an additional application, Cava says.

The state estimates that there are about 115,000 unauthorized immigrant children who already have restricted Medi-Cal...

...Advocates and state officials also want you to know that enrolling your kids shouldn’t lead to negative immigration consequences for you – or other members of your family – who may not have legal status.

“None of the information being collected is shared with immigration authorities,” says Maria Romero-Mora of CCHI.

Oh, and because f*** you, legal residents.

Hat tip: Lou.

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