Saturday, April 09, 2016

10 Questions That Will Destroy Hillary's Campaign

Writing at, of all places, Salon, H.A. Goodman poses 10 questions that the FBI should ask Hillary that will, if answered at all, "end her White House dreams". Here are all 10, interspersed with some additional color commentary and follow-ups from me, in case the feds happen to read my blog.

1. What was the political utility in owning a private server and never using a email address? There was no political utility, nor was it about "personal convenience". It was about hiding. Hiding the co-mingling of Clinton Foundation business with that of the State Department. It was about preventing the public -- and federal inspectors general -- from ever learning the real story of one of the most corrupt officials in the history of the Republic.

2. Were all 31,830 deleted private emails about yoga? Of course not. Based upon her inability to even navigate a set of stairs unassisted, Hillary's into yoga the way I'm into Pinterest. No, the deleted emails were about quid pro quo deals that traded donations and speaking fees for government favors. Everyone with even a modicum of sense -- which excludes Democrats, liberals and other Marxists -- knows that.

3. Why didn’t you know that intelligence could be retroactively classified? Oh, "the most qualified presidential candidate ever" certainly knew the dangers of handling classified documents, none of which had to be marked classified to fall into a category demanding special safeguards and handling. In fact, some of her recovered emails clearly show her instructing underlings to send sensitive data over insecure channels. And her bathroom server was almost certainly hacked by at least three foreign governments -- and possibly many more.

4. Why did you use a Blackberry that wasn’t approved by the NSA? Because she didn't give a s*** about national security.

5. What did you say to Bryan Pagliano? Let me say up front, that based upon what I've read about Pagliano, he's about as qualified to set up a secure email server for the government as Hillary Clinton is to teach yoga. If I were tasked with setting up such a system, I'd be using virtual machines, a hardened OS like SE Linux, host intrusion prevention, honeypots over the VM's network, etc. I can almost guarantee that Pagliano did none of that. Her instructions were probably as simple as "set me up an email server that the government can't access."

6. Why were 22 Top Secret emails on a private server? Because she didn't give a s*** about national security.

7. Was any information about the Clinton Foundation mingled with State Department documents? Was this question added for comic relief? If so, cue the laugh-track.

8. Did President Obama or his staff express any reservations about your private server? If they'd known about it ahead of time, I would bet they'd have explicitly prohibited it. Who sets up their own private email server for official business? Wait, don't answer that.

9. Did Bill Clinton send or receive any emails on your private network? Mr. Clinton once claimed that he never sent or received emails; only recently did he admit being more tech savvy. Nonetheless, my sense is Hillary Clinton is the central character in this entire affront to national security.

10. How was your private server guarded against hacking attempts? Hillary clearly has all of the computer skills of LBJ, so her answers will be both incoherent and idiotic. Like I said, I'm guessing Pagliano had no clue how to set up a military grade computer system. So all of Hill's emails are probably in the hands of the Chinese, the Russians, the Iranians and Anonymous.

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News.


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I have a Question:

Who benefited by the ouster of Quadafi??????

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