Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I WONDER WHAT THE CORPSE-MEN THINK? White House Spokes-hole Mocks Trump Over Mispronuncing a Word

By Sara Noble

The goal of the Democrat Party is to destroy all opposition. The socialist movement which the party has adopted and which has been furthered by Barack Obama succeeds in large part by defaming and belittling opponents, Alinsky-style.

It is all about transforming our values and building a nation with one-party and one culture. Barack Obama set out to destroy the Republican party, Conservatives, and traditional America and his party has adopted his belief system and his style.

Today, the media and the Democrats proved once again that this is who they are now.

Donald Trump gave a thoughtful and reasoned foreign policy speech Wednesday but he made a mistake – he mispronounced a word. The elitists in the “unbiased” media and the White House hope to destroy the quality and substance of the speech by picking on this one minor and insignificant error.

The “unbiased” media prompted SPOX Josh Earnest to get nasty.

REPORTER: “[indecipherable]”

EARNEST: “No, I didn’t start either. (Laughter) I’ll catch to the highlights later on tonight.”

REPORTER: “He said [indecipherable]”

EARNEST: “Apparently, the phonetics are not included on the teleprompter.”(Laughter)

At least one retired general thought it was great.

Read more at Independent Sentinel.


Eskyman said...

Nice article, but I'm left wondering what word it is that Donald Trump is supposed to have mispronounced. Nothing stood out to me, but then I'm not an elite with my nose in the air, either.

Could it be that Trump said, "Al-Queida" instead of "diseased camel f*ckers?"

Anyway, it was one bang-up great speech from The Donald!

(And I'm hoping that the inclusion of this pro-Trump article means that we'll see more even-handed articles here at Doug Ross @ Journal instead of the constant Trump bashing. It's now Trump or Hillary, the way I see it: so if you're bashing one, then you're supporting the other, whether that's your intention or not!)

Man in PA said...

Ask Obama to pronounce "Islamic terrorists."