Friday, April 08, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Are We Now or Have We Ever Been... a Democracy?

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Are We Now or Have We Ever Been... a Democracy?: Roger L. Simon
Cruz set to crush Trump in battle for Colorado’s delegates: Hot Air
GOP’s Ryan Loses to Clinton, Sanders: Rasmussen

Trump Can Yet Prevail As Republicans Await A Deus Ex Machina: Conrad Black
Will Trump and Cruz Ever Work Together?: Scott Rasmussen
“Everyday American” Hillary Clinton Struggles With NY Subway: ARP

The Z Man: The New Normal
Bill Clinton: World is ‘coming apart’ right now: Kyle Olson
Bill Clinton Wants ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protesters To Shut Their Mouths: Bre Payton

Cruz in N.Y.: Trump 'gets angry when the voters reject him': Ryan Lovelace
Cruz builds early momentum over Trump in Indiana: David M. Drucker
Wisconsin More of an Outlier Than a Turning Point: Amy Walter, Cook Political

How Ted Cruz could capture the presidency: Philip Klein
Ted Cruz, Not Paul Ryan, Would Probably Win A Contested Convention: Nate Silver
Mexico hires communications guru to tackle anti-Mexican hostility: DailyMail


Senate Dem: National debt is not 'a threat to our country': Joel Gehrke
Arguments against free trade are deeply flawed: Jonah Goldberg
Parents Sue NYC Education Department Over Violence in Schools: Tracie Strahan

Scandal Central

Panama Papers Reveal Clinton’s Kremlin Connection: John R. Schindler
Outrage: DOJ Raids Home Of Pro-Life Activist: Hannity
Only 3 US Airports Screen Employees Daily Before Work: Clarion

Clinton Foundation Donor Ensnared in Kickbacks Probe: Alana Goodman
Rent to Criminals --- Or Else: Matthew Vadum
Is he mad? Brussels chief unveils EU master plan to encourage MORE economic migration: Zoie O'Brien


Casualties of a Living Wage: A California Bookstore Owner’s Minimum Wage Story: Melissa Quinn
Oops, We Took 20 Years of Your Life by Mistake. Have a Nice Day.: Jarrett Adams
Newt Gingrich Nails the Washington Insider Problem: Jeffrey Lord

Record Wisconsin Turnout Destroys Liberal Argument Voter ID Laws Disenfranchise Voters: Katie Pavlich
‘He Brutalized For You’: How Joe McCarthy henchman Roy Cohn became Donald Trump’s mentor: Michael Kruse
PayPal Processed Payments For Weapons of Mass Destruction Tech, But Boycotts North Carolina: Erick Erickson


Mark Steyn Blisters Leftists Who Mocked Victims of Muslim Rape Gangs: Ralph Sidway
New EU Report Shows That There Is No Way To Track Or Vet Refugees: NUSA
The Sexual Rage Behind Islamic Terror: Jamie Glazov (2001)

HYPOCRISY: US To Help Build A Wall On The Entire Tunisia/Libya Border: DailySurge
Watch: Anti-Israel protesters crash Jerusalem mayor Barkat's speech in San Francisco: Daniel K. Isenbud
North Korea threatens to 'erase USA from the history books': SPEISA

Tommy Robinson Legal Defense Fund: An Appeal: GoV
Minn: Another mosque proposed, mayor wants no debate on Islam: Creeping
Australia to cancel citizenships of up to 110 Muslims who’ve joined the Islamic State: Robert Spencer

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The sugar conspiracy: Ian Leslie
Mind-control microscope changes the behaviour of mice in an instant: DailyMail
This Startup Is Predicting the Future by Decoding the Past: Sangwon Yoon


Diversity: It’s Good Because … It’s Different.: MOTUS
Anti-government activist's hands blown off when 'bomb he was making exploded in his home: DailyMail
Senate kills Dem plan to regulate size of airline seats: Susan Ferrechio

Image: Bill Clinton Wants ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protesters To Shut Their Mouths
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QOTD: "If Volkswagen made cars that exploded at the same rate as Muslims, the president of the company would be in jail and the company in bankruptcy. But the religion of multiculturalism overrides everything, including civil defense." --The Z Man

Bonus QOTD: "There has been a lot of talk about how Trump would go into the general election as the least popular nominee in decades of polling. But that amazing stat helped obscure the fact that other than Trump, Clinton would be the most unpopular dating back to 1984, in New York Times/CBS polling.

Clinton remains mired in scandal and is still struggling to fend off a challenge from a septuagenarian socialist who she initially led by over 50 points nationally. As unpopular as Cruz may be with most registered voters, polling shows him within the margin of error nationally — and some polls taken in the last month have shown Cruz tied with Clinton in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin and Florida." --Philip Klein

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