Sunday, April 10, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Cruz deals Trump another blow as he sweeps Colorado delegates

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Cruz deals Trump another blow as he sweeps Colorado delegates: Kyle Feldscher
More Proof Kasich Stays in only to do Trump’s Bidding: Dan Spencer
Cruz getting the jump on delegates in Indiana too?: Ed Morrissey

The Attack on Mark Levin: Jeffrey Lord
Facing Primary Challenge, Paul Ryan Challenges Executive Amnesty: Treehouse
GOP donors turn to 'Washington's most hated man' Cruz to stop Trump : Rob Crilly

Civil Rights Progress 1986-2016: WRSA
Christie Still Blind to Gun Owners’ Woes in New Jersey: Jenn Jacques
IGOLD: Massad Ayoob

Cruz Goes 11 for 12 in Iowa: Dan Spencer
The Republican Party of Colorado Sends America a Message: Treehouse
#FeelTheMath: Sanders Claims 7th Consecutive Win, But Does It Matter?: Carly Hoilman


Team Obama is setting us up for another housing-market collapse: Post
Santelli & Schiff Slam Fed-Watchers' "Blind-Eye" To Yellen's "Phony Recovery": ZH
Dem gov: I won't kill charter schools: Jason Russell

Scandal Central

Harry Reid Plots Federal Land Grab Near Bundy Ranch: Dustin Stockton
The TSA Loves American Travelers: WeaponsMan
ARNG Guardsmen Teams “Patrolling” Minus Rifles!?: John Farnam

Obama Wants Your IRA: WZ
Eric Bolling: ‘No, GOP establishment, we don’t want a fresh face . . . in America our vote counts’: Tom Tillison
Hillary Clinton Deploys “White Noise” Machine to Prevent Media from Hearing Speech: Don Irvine

Climate & Energy

Competitive Enterprise Institute subpoenaed in global warming 'fraud' investigation: Rick Moran
Virgin Islands AG Goes After Private Climate Skeptic Group: William Teach
"The hemp company never came.": SDA


Hillary has to take five swipes with MetroCard to ride subway: Post
Chris Wallace Explains How Fox News Sunday Got Obama to Finally Agree to Interview: Mediaite
Trump mocks Clinton's 'sad' New York subway ride: Jesse Byrnes

Considering Donald Trump’s Brand Of Populism: Patterico
‘If They Piss Me Off One More Time…’ Mark Levin Goes #NeverTrump: Josh Feldman
5 Acts of Kindness Reveal There’s More to Donald Trump Than His Celebrity Persona: Justen Charters


Outnumbered, in danger of being outgunned…: Wandering
Two B-52 strategic bombers have just arrived in Qatar to start pounding ISIS: David Cenciotti
Navy officer charged with espionage in military court at Norfolk Naval Station: Brock Vergakis

'Staggering number' of jihadists in Europe: Candice Malcolm
Elder gets results! US Visa site now includes Israel and its flag: Elder
Soldiers of Odin give up in Denmark: SPEISA

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Amazing Videos Show SpaceX's Epic Ocean Rocket Landing: Mike Wall
Facebook's secret weapon to keep your attention: Not-Facebook: CNet
19 Free Website Design Tools: Sig Ueland


The Top Ten Fighters: 1946: Hush-Kit
Holocaust victim’s letter from the Titanic up for sale: Times of Israel
Here's how Somalia deals with terrorists: DailyMail

Image: Hillary has to take five swipes with MetroCard to ride subway
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QOTD: "Perhaps you yourself still believe in nationalism or socialism or proliferating regulation. And perhaps you are in the grip of pessimism about growth or consumerism or the environment or inequality.

Please, for the good of the wretched of the earth, reconsider.

Many humans, in short, are now stunningly better off than their ancestors were in 1800. … Hear again that last, crucial, astonishing fact, discovered by economic historians over the past few decades. It is: in the two centuries after 1800 the trade-tested goods and services available to the average person in Sweden or Taiwan rose by a factor of 30 or 100. Not 100 percent, understand—a mere doubling—but in its highest estimate a factor of 100, nearly 10,000 percent, and at least a factor of 30, or 2,900 percent. The Great Enrichment of the past two centuries has dwarfed any of the previous and temporary enrichments. Explaining it is the central scientific task of economics and economic history, and it matters for any other sort of social science or recent history." --Deirdre McCloskey

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