Sunday, April 24, 2016

TRUMP CAMPAIGN CHIEF/LOBBYIST MANAFORT: Yeah, We're Secretly Working with Mitch McConnell

Paul Manafort is the new head of Donald Trump's campaign. A longtime Washington insider and heavy duty lobbyist for third world dictators, Manafort appeared this morning on Fox News Sunday and inadvertently let slip some revealing truths.
MANAFORT: ...What we're trying to do right now is work with the Mitch McConnells who we didn't depose in Kentucky even though he won the election and we worked with him to put a unity slate together. We're trying to bring the party together. That’s what --

WALLACE: Wait, because I think this is interesting. You're saying that you're working with the Senate majority leader, who to a lot of the grassroots is a symbol of the problem?

MANAFORT: We're working with party officials and that was an example on Saturday where we could have -- we won the state. We could have gone in there and tried to be disruptive as Cruz does in these states.

Manafort's lobbying firm has been termed "the torturer’s lobby", having represented Filipino dictator Marcos, Angolan guerrilla leader Jonas Savimbi, ousted Ukrainian president and Putin ally Victor Yanukovych, to name but a few.

Yes, Donald Trump would be vastly superior to Hillary Clinton, because a malfunctioning pencil sharpener would be vastly superior to Hillary Clinton.

But anyone expecting Trump to fight the McConnells and Ryans and the Chamber of Commerce is going to sorely disappointed. Trump has surrounded himself with Beltway cronies, lobbyists and insiders. He is a longtime Democrat and liberal.

That is what he is and will always be. Caveat emptor.

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News.


Doom said...

Deliciously hilarious! Who AREN'T they working with secretly? Too much of a bad boy for near queers like McConnell to work with publicly, too much of a risk for him and the others not to kiss his finger, just in case he becomes the next prez. I love it when you think we are all still asleep, so you can pull our fingers and we'll fart. I hope you are getting paid to be the last man out, or nearing it. You know, when the spoils of war are divvied out, you will either lose your political income stream or have to become a Dem, right?

It's also cute when you, and the others, try to have it both ways. Won't work, is working, secret, public, etc. You are shooting yourself in the foot when you try to have it both ways. Sounding an awfully lot like Dems and worse. Then again, most of us were pretty sure of that a long time ago... even if I wouldn't fall for the Pauls, and even if I am still not sure Trump is more than a trick. Bleh.

alecj said...

Does anyone have any idea what "Doom" is trying to say?

I dont speak rambling word salad.

Doom said...

Word salad? You must be a GOPe type. I doubt if you would get it if I reduced it to your education or vocabulary, neither of which is very impressive. Wait, before I continue, I should hold until I know whether you understand this or not. Check, check, 1, 2, 3. Check?

Sirdvd said...

Cocaine is a helluva drug

Unknown said...

Did you CONVENIENTLY forget that huge donation to Mitch McConnell from the Senate Comservatives Fund when Ted Cruz ran it? Why YES Yes you did.

Hanzo said...

Savimbi was actually a good guy, jackwagon.