Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Rape Trees, Dead Migrants and the Consequences of an Open Border

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Rape Trees, Dead Migrants and the Consequences of an Open Border: Breitbart
Illegal immigrant families surge across border at record pace: Stephen Dinan
Clinton’s Internet Troll Campaign Against Bernie Sanders Is A New Low: Justin Streight

The Prison Vote: The Z Man
A Conspiracy Against Law?: The Arts Mechanical
Don't Suggest to Hillary She Could Ever Be Behind in Votes: Shoshana Weissman

Conservatives For Trump?: Thomas Sowell
Super Trump Day: Reviewing the April 26 Primaries: Joe Cunningham
Cruz Campaign Vetting Carly for VP: Michael Warren

Keeping the Northeastern Primary in Perspective: Scott Rasmussen
Thoughts on the Cruz-Kasich non-aggression pact: Paul Mirengoff
Voter ID law upheld in North Carolina. AGAIN. Geez, can’t the Left take a hint?: Moe Lane


Bill Clinton: Obama economy gave rise to Trump, Sanders: Kyle Olson
Michelle Obama Bans Fried Foods, Frosted Flakes in Daycare: Elizabeth Harrington
Unions' $15 Minimum Wage About-Face: Rex Sinquefield

Scandal Central

Clinton Email Scandal: What Did Hillary Crony Admit That Everyone Already Knows?: IBD
Dem Gov. McAuliffe: I'm Like Lincoln Freeing The Slaves After Giving Ex-Cons Voting Rights: WZ
10 Shocking Revelations From Hillary Clinton’s Latest Email Leak: Ian Goldstein and Sam Weinstein

Climate & Energy

Biodiesel worse for the environment than fossil fuels, warn green campaigners: James Crisp


Poll: Wide Majority Oppose Suits Against Gun Makers: Stephen Gutowski
Hillary SuperPAC to Unleash An Army Of Internet Trolls: Jeff Dunetz
Are Hillary Clinton and the DNC Skirting Election Law?: WSOP

Levin: Of Course Ted Cruz is Not a Sellout: Scoop
Will Lib Media Remember Harriet Tubman Was a Gun-Toting Republican?: Jeffrey Lord
UnAmerican ESPN: Andrew Klavan

DWS: Hillary most transparent secretary of state ever (If you don’t count her secret server): Doug Powers
9/11 Memorial guards order kids to stop singing national anthem: Post
Nate Silver officially loses it, predicts Zuckerberg-Petraeus ticket: FAM


9,000 Photos from 1800’s British Mandate of Palestine – with no trace of ‘Palestinians’: Palestine In Conflict (2013)
Russian Jets Buzzing American Ships May Be Met by Force, General Says: Richard Sisk
Canadian hostage John Ridsdel executed by AbuSayyaf Indonesian Islamic terrorist branch of ISIS.: MFS-TON

The Suicide of Venezuela: Joel D. Hirst
Obama thinks he’s cool; world leaders think he’s arrogant and weak: Paul Mirengoff
The answer to globalized Jew-hatred: Vic Rosenthal

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

This Is What It’s Like to Audition for ‘Shark Tank’: Sage Lazzaro
Leicester City: Dirty Dozen or Harvard Case Study?: John Micklethwait
USB Soldering Iron is Surprisingly Capable: Dan Maloney


It’s Getting Hard Out There For the Infidels: MOTUS
You have no idea how hardcore Harriet Tubman really was: Ana Swanson
(Photos) Abandoned homes in Chicago's violent Auburn Gresham neighborhood: Marathon

Image: Will Lib Media Remember Harriet Tubman Was a Gun-Toting Republican?
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Help Protect Our Constitution: Ted Cruz for President

QOTD: "... the race for the Republican nomination will be determined by the 10 races left after Tuesday’s competition. That’s why Indiana will be such an important test when it votes next week. Nobody knows whether Trump or Cruz will win that state. If Trump wins Indiana, he is probably set to do well in remaining contests. “If Cruz wins Indiana, that could signal a shift leading to Trump losing up to 8 of the 10 remaining contests.”

There is one ironic footnote to the Northeastern Primary. The very process that Trump claims is rigged against him will once again work to his benefit. His share of the delegates won on Tuesday will almost certainly exceed his share of the vote. Up to this point, Trump has earned 28 percent more delegates than his pro rata share of the vote would deem appropriate." --Scott Rasmussen

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