Saturday, April 16, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Hillary Clinton Benghazi Phone Transcripts: ‘Attack Had Nothing To Do With Film’

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Clinton Phone Transcripts: Benghazi ‘Attack Had Nothing To Do With Film’: Nina Bookout
Number of Children Illegally Entering U.S. Up 1,200% Between 2011 and 2014: Adam Kredo
Hillary: Hey, we “did a great deal to help the Libyan people”: Ed Morrissey

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Clinton Email Server Greatest Intel Disaster in History: Ray Starmann


Economic Inequality Complaints Are Just A Cover For Anti-Rich Prejudice: Don Watkins
Bernie Sanders, Who Demands Higher Taxes, Pays Low Effective Tax Rate: William Teach
American Security: An Economy That Works for All: Alexis Simendinger

Scandal Central

Documents confirm Eric Holder’s role in Fast and Furious cover-up: Paul Mirengoff
Where’s GOP Leadership on Impeaching IRS Commissioner Koskinen?: Josh Withrow
TX Judge resigns when caught texting instructions to prosecutors to help win convictions: Poor Richard


Drudge Report (aka "Tiger Beat for Trump") Alternatives: MB
ABC, CNN Tout 'Major Win' in Lawsuit Against Gunmakers Over Sandy Hook: Matthew Balan
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Kerry scolds Russia for buzzing U.S. destroyer: Kurt Mills
Obama Plots His Revenge on Israel: Pamela Geller
Muslim Migrant Mobs Riot under Paris Metro: Pamela Geller

Sweden: ISIS is recruiting openly - at the Employment Service: SPEISA
Belgian expert on Why ISIS wants a 'clash of civilizations': MFS-TON
IOM: Nearly 6,000 migrants arrived to Italy since Tuesday: EUobserver

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Facebook Employees Asked Zuckerberg If They Should Try to Stop a Trump Presidency: Michael Nunez
How to Write a Twitter Bot in 5 Minutes: LabNol
The new Rolex Explorer Hands-On: Jason Pitsch


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Second 7.0 Earthquake Rocks Southern Tip of Japan's Main Island, Killing At Least 9: Ace
Want Fries with That?: iOTWreport

Image: Watch Neil Cavuto Spar Over Capitalism With A Socialist Who Thinks It’s ‘Illegitimate’
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Anonymous said...

Kinda off topic, but not really, Does A N Y O N E truly believe the Ryan doesn't want to be the next President? I mean he's disavowing with the right hand and putting out virtual campaign ads with the left. How many times did he say he didn't want the Speakership? Look at what he's done since he's been Speaker. Does anyone still believe a word that comes outta his mouth? His actions since becoming Speaker were the final match that lit the flame propelling the Trump movement. HE caused and was the defining moment when millions decided that someone from outside the established GOP would HAVE TO be brought in. Without Ryan, Cruz would be the clear nominee right now because without Ryan's Speakership, there wouldn't have been enough anger to push Trump through to his current lead.

Whether you're for Cruz, Trump, or even Kasich, we should all agree that Ryan is outta the question under any circumstances.

Ole Ez

Anonymous said...

Look, the fix is gonna be in. And worse, no matter who squeezes out a win or who the GOPe tries to "appoint", the GOP (both plus or minus small letter e) are gonna be so splintered that Hillary will walk right into the Whitehouse even though she is one of the most unelectable candidates in American History.

Here's the easy fix, provided the Donor Class will accept a partial defeat. The only reason this wouldn't work is because of one of the players is too loyal to the Donor Class's veto-plan.

Trump and Cruz have an off the record meeting, same with Trump and Kasich. Trump agrees to appointing Cruz Attorney General with full control, no meddling, absolute control over Supreme Court and any other judge nominees. Only control Cruz gives up is concerning campaign promises Trump has made which Cruz MUST fulfill. (immigration, the wall, etc..) Cruz is young. He could put the courts and thereby the country back on the Constitutional path and STILL be young enough to be President for 8 years after Trump retires or be appointed to the Supreme Court himself. Trump agrees to never oppose him as SC nominee or presidential candidate after his 8 years are served. As long as he stays loyal to Trump, Trump promises to mention several times a year what a Yugely great job Ted is doing and mention that in the future he would make a fine SC justice himself or maybe President. Ted could rightfully claim to have saved the country and the constitution and he would be setup to be the most powerful politician in American politics as long as he didn't screw it up himself. I don't think that there is any reasonable person who would have a problem with Ted doing it that way. He IS a great attorney.

Trump promises Kasich Sec of State, with fully control for 8 years or as long as he remains loyal to Trump and his campaign promises. (Full support for Israel, including recognizing Jerusalem as the capital. Destruction of ISIS. Stand-offish approach to any other military intervention. NATO, the UN, trade agreements, and treaty negotiations are fully under Trumps thumb.) Trump agrees to defer as many questions as possible to Kasich and to be seen frequently in public together to reinforce the public perception that Kasich is one of the most powerful and trusted members of the administration in one of the most media attentive positions. Kasich thereby becomes one of the most influential figures in the GOP, America, and the world. After 8 years of service, he would have the clout to attain any public office he desired and rightfully claim he restored America's world image and saved the country. I can't see how any reasonable person would have a problem with Kasich in this position.

continues ---

Anonymous said...

After the details are worked out, they meet with Lindsey Graham and offer him the Sec of Defense position, but with no promises other than they will be 100 percent behind his quest to build up the military strength and a reminder that he must stay loyal to all of them (the administration). It's the only thing that Graham consistently gets right, but he does get that right. It would make Graham salivate at the prospect.

Trump meets with Rubio, agrees to make him Ambassador to the UN, BUT he must take the administration line. Trump will allow him to occasionally TACTFULLY remark that administration policy may not be his personal policy but that he accepted this job because he believes that here he can have a greater positive effect on policy overall and is willing to sacrifice for the greater public service. By employing this strategically, he can make himself look magnanimous to the public, be valuable to the GOPe getting out an occasional alternative policy to the public, and STILL effectively enact Trump policy. Trump agrees to do at least 1 press conference a year with him and both agree to a public showing of good natured joviality whenever appropriate to leave the impression of 2 guys who disagree on a lot of policy, but actually like each other. Rubio agrees to Trump having tight control, in exchange for much greater access to the Oval office than the position normally warrants so that Rubio might ACTUALLY acquire some depth from the tenure. Trump agrees that if Rubio is loyal, he will not publicly be against him as a candidate for any office. After 8 years Rubio emerges a very well thought of and young candidate for any office he chooses to run for and one of the most powerful leaders of the GOPe.

The GOPe would have 4 of their men in the top 6 or 7 most powerful positions and likely some control over the courts, foreign policy, and the military. AND THEY SAVE FACE.

continues ---

Anonymous said...

Trump has press conference and says that normally a candidate only even hints at his picks for cabinet positions much, much later, but we are not in normal times. America and the world need assurances right now.

Trump announces he has always planned on making a strong return to the constitution a cornerstone of his campaign, perhaps even the most important thing that needs fixing and the time to begin that is now. It's almost as massive of a job as President and since there is only one of him and he's not a lawyer, he needs the best the country has to offer. Says Ted Cruz agrees and for the good of the country has agreed to suspend his campaign throw his support behind Trump as the next Att. General and Trump's chief advisor, especially to bringing the government as a whole back in line with the constitution. In their future administration, Cruz will have unprecedented control of all departments under the AG, unprecedented access to the President, even to the point of control of the selection of SC nominees. Trump admits that BOTH campaigns have taken things a little too far and that while there are some real personal differences, but both agree that making America great again is bigger than both of them. So Trump can handle the economy and he has full faith that there is no better man in the world to steer America back to a constitutional government than Cruz. Throws in a bunch of bragging about always winning with the best and Cruz is clearly the best to put America back on the constitutional path.

Trump brings up Kasich. Says good man, easy to get along with, slow to anger, has spent many years in service of his country. Disagrees with him on many domestic issues, but they both agree America's image abroad is dismal. Must be give top priority by someone loyal with the right experience and temperament. Somebody truly qualified to do the job and have the instant respect of other nations. Kasich is perfect for the job. He has agreed that repairing American relations abroad is critical right now and is willing to set aside our differences, suspend his campaign, and become the next Sec of State and make America great again in the world. Promises that Kasich, like Cruz, will have unprecedented access to the President. Neither will ever have to go through a Chief of Staff, direct access. Says Kasich will be an exceptionally good match with Trump to bring balance to the new administration. One a fiery fighter and the other a patient fighter, both fighting to make America great again in the world.

continues ---

Anonymous said...

Trump says Christie will be his Chief of Staff and will doing more press conferences than previous CoS's. Chris will of course be his go-to man cause they've been friends for years and he knows Chris always has the backs of both America and Donald Trump.

Trumps announces Palin for Sec of Energy or Sec of the Interior, whichever. Brief talk ensures.

Trump brings up Carson. Brags on him, puts him up for the next Sec of Health and Human Services, Sec of Education, or Sec of Veterans Affairs, whichever works.

Trump goes through the motions about Graham for Sec Def.

Trump brings up Rubio and talks about how likable he is and how much promise he has, just wasn't ready for president yet. Says how he wants to use him, he has too much talent to not use. Wants him to be the face of America to the world, Ambassador to the UN. Talks about how important job that is and how he plans on spending lots of time with Rubio, Christie had better have an awfully, awfully good reason not to send him straight in anytime he has time left to make it to the Oval Office. Etc, etc...

The full party is united, with probably 65 percent of the independents, and 30 percent of the Democrats. The "fix" that would demolish the American Right is averted. Trump and America blow out the Dem's in Nov, sweeping up enough support to majority proof the Senate. No one gets left out. Trump goes down in history as the greatest negotiator ever. Wall Street and the Donor class still control the majority of the GOPe, so they come out ahead. The grassroots win top position. Cruz or Rubio will probably be the next President. GOP has a 16 year run at least. Grassroots now has the foothold they needed.

America wins.

I know. It's too idealist because it doesn't take greed and stupidity into account enough. But it is possible...

Ole Ez

Anonymous said...

Red State, Conservative Media Elites.. Levin ,Limbaugh Kristol , National Review .. all the Fox bozos will see their gravy money train vanish when President Trump is elected on Nov 8th
What a laugher to see these Phony Conservatives bash Trump for not being Conservative LOL.. Who funded Planned Parenthood ??.. NPR?? ,Obamacare?? , Obama illegals?? added 2 TRILLION DOLLARS in Spending ?? ... Paul RYAN and RINO Congress.. in December Was that CONSERVATIVE ?????????????????????????????????????.. youall assswipes