Sunday, April 03, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: "A Large Blob of Sheer Dumb Grossness"

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"A Large Blob of Sheer Dumb Grossness": Stuart Schneiderman
Mark Levin: Which are Three Top Responsibilities of Federal Government?: Michael Morris
Gates: Obama “double-crossed” me on defense budget: Ed Morrissey

The End of Mass Democracy: The Z Man
‘Godmother’ Hillary shows her mob boss side: John Podhoretz
How Hillary Clinton Bought the Loyalty of 33 State Democratic Parties: Margot Kidder

Why Does Liberalism Have “Favored Groups”?: Stephen M. Krason
LA Times: “L.A. Is Resegregating–And Whites Are a Major Reason Why”: Steve Sailer
Trump: Tweeting picture of Heidi Cruz was a 'mistake': Kristen East

Report: Delegates Ready To Flee Trump At Contested Convention: WZ
Priebus Won't Turn RNC Over to Trump If He Wins: Newsmax
How Cruz Wins This Thing: Joy Overbeck


Killing Knowledge in K-12: Bruce Deitrick Price
State Dept. hiring interior designers, salaries up to $141,000: Pete Kasperowicz
Taxpayers Billed $1.4 Million for Obama’s Argentina Trip: Elizabeth Harrington

Scandal Central

Huma Abedin “terrified” as FBI takes over State Dept investigation of top secret emails: Jazz Shaw
Four Hillary aides hire joint defense counsel: Thomas Lifson
Jade Helm; they’re baaack: Jonn Lilyea

Climate & Energy

16 Democrat State Attorneys General To Go After Companies Who Disagree With Climate Change Scam: J4A
A Solar Power Plant vs. A Natural Gas Power Plant: Capital Cost – Apples to Apples: Philip Dowd


Surprise! ‘Middle Eastern’ Student Made Up Bogus ‘Hate Crime’ in Manhattan, Slashed Herself: JWF
Meet the Cry-Bully: a hideous hybrid of victim and victor: Julie Burchill
Trump's Cancer Spreads to Fox News: Steve Deace

Your Sunday BadPolitics News Show: Will They Steal The Election From Bernie Sanders?: American Digest
U.S. military suicides remain high for 7th year: Gregg Zoroya
The Objective Standard: Ted Cruz for President: Craig Biddle

German Television Pulls Satire Mocking Turkey’s Erdogan: Robert Mackey
Times Square Bomb Scare? NYC Tourist Area Reportedly Evacuated: DailyMail
Man Arrested in Connection to Incendiary Devices Found On Tyngsboro Power Lines: CBS Boston


Not All Muslims: A Message to Progressives: Dystopic
Europe Is Again at War: The XX Committee
Greece Demands Explanation From IMF Over Leaked Transcript: ZH

Duty. Honor. Country. -- Transcript of Final Moments of Russian Spetznaz Officer: American Digest
Air France stewardesses mutiny over order to wear headscarves: David Chazan
UN chief: world must resettle 480,000 Syrian refugees: Peter Foster, Telegraph

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

How to Hack an Election: Jordan Robertson, Michael Riley, and Andrew Willis
Lenovo May Face Claims Over Installed Malware: Matthew Renda
Space archaeologist finds potential Viking site in Canada: History Blog


West Exit: American Digest
The Top 5 Best Affordable Automatic Watches: Watch Roundup
Trigger Warning: You Gotta Break a Few Eggs: MOTUS

Image: Carl Akeley Who?
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Help Protect Our Constitution: Ted Cruz for President

QOTD: " If every Muslim was like Mr. Shah, or the man who saved my family, we would value them more than we value you [progressives].

But, sadly, in the world we live in they are the exceptional individuals, and the generalizations still hold true at a meta-level. Muslims are not assimilating in large numbers. There are too many terrorists and criminals coming in with them. And, as it has been for nearly 1,500 years, Islam continues to have bloody borders and religious violence at a level far greater than Europe had even in the middle of the Crusades.

We conservative folks wish it were otherwise. But we live in the real world, Progressives, not the fantastical utopia you have constructed in your minds. We live in a fallen world, where hard choices must be made, where people must sometimes be turned away because you cannot help them, or because the risk to your own is too great to bear.

What good will be done when the West is gone, and the Islamic world is still eating itself? What will humanity’s future be like when you are gone, victims of an Islamic world that hates you as much as it hates us? You seem to think that you will be rewarded for your double-dealing, for your treachery, and for your blindness. But if we fall, you will go with us." --Dystopic

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