Saturday, April 02, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: What's the Matter with Ted Cruz?

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What's the Matter with Ted Cruz?: Andrew Klavan
George Soros’s Henchmen Attack Ted Cruz. Wall Street Journal Joins In.: Erick Erickson
Another Michigan city on the verge of becoming majority Muslim: Creeping

Don’t Like Trump? Think About This…: William Pollack
Is Trump’s campaign manager being lynched?: Jeffrey Lord
It’s Probably First Ballot Or Bust For Donald Trump At The GOP Convention: Nate Silver

Young Women Don't Like Hillary: Brian Lilley
Could Bernie really take New York away from Hillary Clinton?: Jazz Shaw
Brussels Attacks: Why America Needs Ted Cruz: Susan Brown

Trump: Now That I Think About It, Let's Leave the Abortion Laws As They Are: Ace
Democrats Banking on Trump to Win: Susan Wright
Donald Trump's bad week: Stephen Collinson


Number of Californians Moving to Texas Hits Highest Level in Nearly a Decade: Ali Meyer
The Effect of Welfare on Muslim Immigration: CJR
“Transgender” lawsuits have now reached the barber shop: Jazz Shaw

Scandal Central

Klein: Comey And ‘A Lot Of Other FBI Agents’ Will Resign If Hillary Is Not Indicted: Steve Guest
Most firms that gave to Clinton Foundation also lobbied State Department: Sarah Westwood
Police fume as another cop killed on duty and still no mention by Obama: Paul Bedard

Climate & Energy

Kill the Deniers — a government-funded fantasy play where “guns” solve climate issues: JoNova


White House Scrubs Video of French President Saying “Islamist Terrorism”: Creeping
American Flag Deemed Unacceptable 'Political Statement' At Harvard: Robert Kraychik

PHOTO: Bill Clinton struggles to fill room in Wisconsin: Olaf Ekberg
Words ‘illegal’ and ‘alien’ banished from public libraries: Sam Rolley
Shock Video: Man Is Gunned Down on Chicago Street While Facebook Live-Streaming: Oliver Darcy


America's Invisible Wars: Emma Ashford
France Slowly Emerges from Denial and Starts Shutting Down Mosques: TTB
Migration 'has created 900 no-go areas in EU': Devastating report shows order breaking down: DailyMail

The Korean Anomaly: The Z Man
Ancient Qur’an Discovery Proves Islam Really Is A Religion of Peace: Dr. Timothy Furnish
Cruise For 1,700 School Kids Ends In Tragedy As Migrant Passengers Gang-Rape Girl: Oliver JJ Lane

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Would you like to be immortal? You may get your chance: Jazz Shaw
Hong Kong man builds his own Scarlett Johansson in robot form: David Nield
Another asteroid clobbers Jupiter: EarthSky


BBC’s amazing, disastrous 1957 April Fools prank [video]: Holy Kaw!
Hillaryisms: Woodsterman
BREAKING: The Daily Wire Editorial Board Endorses Donald J. Trump For President: DailyWire

Image: Obama plays the clown by flashing the peace sign for nuclear security summit 'team photo'
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Help Protect Our Constitution: Ted Cruz for President

QOTD: "When authoritarian regimes purge enemies of the state, they inevitably purge their best talent. The people left are toadies and rump-swabs with no ability to do much of anything, other than grovel to the boss. In this case, the boss is most likely an idiot." --The Z Man

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