Friday, January 29, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Cirque du Jihad -- Coming to a federal court near you

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Cirque du Jihad: Coming to a federal court near you?: Malkin
The Case for Eric Holder's Impeachment: PJM
Obama versus Obama: Hanson

Update on James O'Keefe: RWN
Lawyer: Phone Scheme Meant to Embarrass Senator: BigGovt
Oklahoma Senator: Obama Best Liar Ever: BMW

Why is Sen. Kirk still voting?: BigGovt
Obama's Glass Jaw: Corner
Orating on Obama's Platitudinous SOTU Speech: Maggie

A sound bite too far: Power Line
Ryan reintroducing GOP health-care reform bill today: Hot Air
Democrats shelve health care overhaul: Times


About that deficit pResident Pinocchio “inherited”: Cold Fury
CBO Baseline Shows Staggering Debt: Corner
It’s the Economy, Stupid. And Health Care. And Terrorism.: Mirror

SEIU Chief Andy Stern Throws Tantrum: Senators are "Terrorists": Spectator
Oregon's California State of Mind: GoV
Union Boss to Members: Shut the F*** Up, You Motherf***ers!: BigGovt

Economic Illiteracy and Higher Education: AT
Obama: The Perpetual Campaign Is Bad, So, Donate $15, UmKay?: RWN
Crony Capitalism: Donate to Democrat, Win $100 Million in Stimulus Cash, Box Seats to SOTU: GWP

Three important reasons Obama's demagoguery will fail: AT
Obama Voted for, or Signed Into Law, Every Blessed Penny of 2009's Spending: Ace
What we got for our trillion: 17% unemployment: Times

Climate & Energy

Climategate: NOAA and NASA Complicit in Data Manipulation: PJM
Dam breaks as ABC asks, "Can Climate Forecasts Still Be Trusted?": Depot
EPA should put carbon regs on hold: WashExam


How to report the news: NewsWipe (Language warning)
AP: Dem on Dem Action: Surber
Newsweek Kook: Obama Should Be on Mount Rushmore For His Speech: GWP

About Last Night: Crittenden
The AP's SOTU Fact Check: RWN
A Really Mediocre President: AT

Dem Hold on Jewish Vote Slips: RWN
McCain Seen Mouthing “Blame It On Bush” During Obama’s Hyper-Partisan Attack Speech: GWP


State of the Union: Dangerous Weakness: Corner
Jobs in Europe and Asia to Fix U.S. Economy: DPU
Venezuela Falls Back on a Reliable Scapegoat: FrumForum


Apple iPad First Hands On: Insider
High speed rail that isn't: Marathon
Obama To Ill 9/11 Rescue And Clean Up Workers: Screw You: Ace

Congressional sites defaced after Obama speech: CNet
Hitler responds to the iPad: YouTube (Language Warning)


"Bacon is good for me": WifeSwap
Tele-Proppers: iOTW
Pelosi to Join Borg Collective: Cube (Image Credit)


"The Court's ruling upheld the First Amendment and nothing they ruled prevents Congress from going back to fix any loophole. By demagoging the issue, Obama failed to pass any relevant test for his statesmanship, presidential behavior, and alleged Constitutional scholarship. I say alleged, as we've yet to see what his grades actually were. If this is any indication, it's a wonder he passed at all."   -- Dan Riehl

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