Saturday, January 30, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: The Obamarang and Nanshy Peloshi

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The Obamarang: Hanson
FDR knew better: Volokh
Nanshy Peloshi: SondraK

Obama the Ideologue: Patterico
Obama, Post-Partisan Blah-Blah-Blah: Ace
Obama challenges GOP on bipartisan tone: Times

Did you know: health care debate really was on C-Span?: GWP
HHS Actively Hid Paid Shill Gruber's Obama Ties: Ace
Chicago-Bound Amtrak Train Stalled by Terror Threat: Atlas

Statement from James O'Keefe: BigGovt
The 11th Whopper: Hot Air
Final Thoughts on SOTU: Anchoress


Liberals Hate Texas' Success: RWN
Public-sector pay, private-sector backlash: Jacoby
Class War: How Public Servants Became our Masters: WashReb

Teachers Union Ruins NY Shot at $700M in Stimulus: RWN
The case against public sector unions: WashReb
CA will run out of cash April 1 (fools day!) due to perpetual spending orgy: BlogProf

Challenge to Obama - Request Special Counsel As To Foreign Contributions: LegalIns
State of the Union Speech --- Explained!: Langbert
CBO: Stimulus Plan On Target To Increase Deficits: LegalIns

Climate & Energy

Obama: “Nobody’s been a bigger promoter of clean coal technology than I am.”: Surber
The end is nigh: UK Times accuses Pachauri of 'a direct lie': EU Referendum
Reality Check: Cold kills coral in Florida Keys; 1st time since '70s: Keys News


The Decade the MSM Won: PJM
Obama in Time Magazine: Yeah, I Kinda Lied About Health Care: RWN
Enact Obama's Wall Street Agenda ... or the Terrorists Have Won!: Jawa

Retracto the Correction Alpaca Goes to Work on O’Keefe Stories: Patterico
Legacy Media Negligence in 2008 Enabled Obama Foreign Campaign Contributions: BizzyBlog
New Englanders: Much Dumber Than They Were 8 Months Ago, According to NYT's Charles Blow: NewsBusters

Feminists OK With Women in Panties Selling Beer. Pro-Life Ads? Not So Much: RSM
Even Jon Stewart Ripping on Chris "I Forgot He Was Black for an Hour" Matthews: Ace
Michael Moore Gets MI Taxpayer Subsidy For Latest Film And Sits On Board That Gave Tax Credit!: BlogProf


Infernal Iran; The Death Spiral Accelerates: Ledeen
Are There Any Domestic Terrorists NOT Tied to Islamic Networking website?: Jawa
Egypt's niqab ban overturned: Maktoob

Concealing the Truth: Auschwitz and the Mufti: Atlas
Yahoo Wipes Israeli Cities Off The Map: MereRhet
These are Some Nice Bonds We Have Here....: CFB


Appeals court lets Google Street View suit continue: CNet


Greg Toal, Don Bosco Prep head football coach, never shies away: Star-Ledger
Daily scoreboard: Surber


"Looking out at the motley crew seated before him for the big speech, the president seemed at times to be pretending that he had never seen these people before in his life." -- Gail Collins

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