Monday, January 18, 2010

Obama rates Coakley campaign 'a solid B+'

Privately, of course, White House insiders appear to have written off the thoroughly inept and unprepared Coakley.

On Monday, perhaps playing an expectations game that insulates the president, the White House signaled some pessimism about her chances of winning.

There may also be 'real genuine fear' in the White House that the election may not be close: i.e., Coakley would lose by double-digits.

MyFox Boston has Brown a 15-point winner.

ARG has Brown up by 7 and Insider Advantage puts the lead at 9.

Lefty blogger Nate Silver of, using his tippity-top secret projection model, has Brown a 3:1 favorite.

Meanwhile, John Kerry warned his party's SEIU thugs to beware of dangerous seniors, veterans and other concerned citizens who "mistakenly believe that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land".

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Anonymous said...

What scares me about the msm hyping these poll numbers is that they might be hoping they can encourage Brown supporters to feel they can stay home instead of voting, as it is in the bag.