Wednesday, June 07, 2017

BRUTAL: Mark Levin has all the questions James Comey must be asked!

By Mark Levin

Here's how I would question him.

You said you kept memoranda of notes of your conversations. Did you keep notes on your conversations with President Obama? Where are those votes now, Mr. Comey?

Did you keep notes on your conversations with attorney general Eric Holder? Where those notes now, Mr. Comey?

Did you keep notes of your conversations with attorney general Loretta Lynch? Where are those notes now, Mr. Comey?

If you keep notes on any of your conversations or meetings with any members of Congress, Mr. Comey? Where those notes now, Mr. Comey?

Did you keep any notes on any conversations you had with reporters or journalists, Mr. Comey? Where are those notes now?

Did you tamper with, alter or destroy any of your notes, Mr. Comey, at any time?

With whom did you share these notes, if anybody, Mr. Comey?

Where are the original copies of these notes, Mr. Comey? Are they in your posession -- or the FBI's possession?

Did you make copies of these notes? Are they in your personal possession? Tell me, Mr. Comey, do any of your notes contain classified or investigative information?

You understand, Mr. Comey, that if they contain classified or investigative information and you shared them with anybody, that's a felony?

You also understand that if there's any evidence in your notes stating or implying obstruction of justice -- and you failed to report that to the attorney general of the United States -- that you've committed a felony, Mr. Comey?

Tell me, Mr. Comey, who else has seen your notes? Any reporters? Any colleagues? Any politicians? And I remind you, you're under oath.

* * * * * * * * *
You see ladies and gentlemen, we're told Mr. Comey wrote a lot of notes. About a lot of conversations.

And to me, the scandal is what's in these notes. Let me continue.

* * * * * * * * *
Mr. Comey, you took contemporaneous notes after your discussion which was leaked to The New York Times with the President of the United States about Michael Flynn.

The spin is that Mr. Trump ws trying to get you to stop investigating Mr. Trump, is that correct?

Tell me, Mr. Comey, wth whom did you share notes notes? Since your'e the only one in possession of them, presumably you or someone at the FBI you shared them with? Okay, what are their names?

Did you know they were going to leak it?

Tell me, Mr. Comey, if this is obstruction of justice -- as many surrogates have said anonymously, and many in the media have said -- why didn't do anything about it, Mr. Comey?

Why didn't you tell members of Congress or why didn't you say so in front of one of these open hearings? Why didn't you resign? Instead, you sat on it, which is a potential felony. Can you explain yourself, please?

Tell me, Mr. Comey, if you thought it was improper for the president to meet with you one on one, then why did you meet with him one on one?

If you thought it was improper to take the president's call or to make the call to the president one on ones, then why were you involved in such conversations? Can you explain that to us, Mr. Comey?

Tell me, Mr. Comey, were you at any time in communicationw ith the Hillary Clinton campaign? Did you retain emails, text messages, hard documents of any of those communications?

Did you did you write any contemporaneous notes after those conversations or meetings?

Just curious, Mr. Comey.

Tell me, Mr. Comey, since you left the FBI, that is, since you were fired, have you had communications with Senator Chuck Schumer? What were the nature of those communications? Did you keep any notes?

Since you left the FBI, have you had any communications with Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch or Eric Holder?

Tell me, Mr. Comey, since you left the FBI, did you direct any of your associates, friends, former colleagues to make any contacts with the media?

Tell me, Mr. Comey, these memoranda, these notes that you took, can you walk us through the custody of these materials? in other words, where are the originals, where the copies?

Did you ever take any home? Did you ever make multiple copies?

Because you see folks, I think Comey's conduct is detestable. I think he was rogue. I think he was out of control. And I don't think he kept notes just to recollect or refresh his memory and recollect discussions or for legal purposes. I think he kept notes to potentially threaten people.

So it would very important to understand the complete nature of these notes and their custody.

Listen to the audio here.


Anonymous said...

He nailed it.

The Triguy said...

I respect Mark--and although I think he does go a bit too far at times--he is asking the right questions about this entire episode and the so-called personal notations. Unless I missed it though, Mark neglects to ask what is to me the most important second question: If you did not take any personal notes during your tenure with the Obama administration--and you appear to be so meticulous with your note taking during the Trump administration--why didn't you? Was it so that you would not have to be held accountable for your actions or inactions? Or were there any covert or overt suggestions that note taking would be frowned upon? Just thinking out loud. Dr. Bill

PaddyO' said...

Levin, as usual, is brilliant! For those of you who think he goes a little too far sometimes, do you not realize we are in a war to save our country from a very determined enemy? There is no "going too far." We must win by any and every means necessary. The time for niceties ended in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Dog and pony show to tie the government in knots. How much is true or has merit.