Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Mueller’s disturbing staffing decisions

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Mueller’s disturbing staffing decisions: Paul Mirengoff
Did Obama White House And Loretta Lynch Illegally Meddle In 2016 Election?: IBD
The Big Collusion Narrative Keeps Melting Down: David French

DOJ: Comey Struck Immunity Deal With Mueller To Avoid Charges: TruePundit
Sore Loser Party Files Suit Against Trump Over Emoluments Clause: RWN
Democrat Rep.: ‘Every Racist in America Voted for Donald Trump’: RWN

Sessions: Russia Accusations an ‘Appalling and Detestable Lie’: Charles Fain Lehman
Sessions snaps at Democrat for suggesting links to Russia: 'There are none': Kelly Cohen
GOP gubernatorial primary in Virginia too close to call: David M. Drucker

Congress passes long-sought VA accountability bill: Hope Yen
A Short History of Special Counsels and Presidents: Fred Lucas
The IRS Can Seize Your Money Based on a Hunch. This Bill Would End It.: Signal


Chicago property taxes going up 10 percent to pay for pensions: Marathon
Illinois’ economic growth is worse than during the Great Depression: Michael Lucci
Moody’s downgrades 7 Illinois universities, 5 are junk: Ted Dabrowski

Scandal Central

Are Mueller and Comey ‘colluding’ against Trump by acting as co-special counsel?: Gregg Jarrett
Swamp Fights Back: Mueller Hires Clinton Foundation Lawyer for Russia Probe : Breitbart
Firing Of Comey Could Lead To New Review Of Clinton Case: OAN

Forget Jeff Sessions. Drag Loretta Lynch before Congress to testify right now: Chris Pandolfo
RNC chair: Russia probe has dragged on too long: Lindsey Ellefson
Old Dominion University Strives to Smash Heterosexism: Dave Blount

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Leaked Memo Details Wind Industry Campaign Against A Major Energy Dept Study: Michael Bastasch
LOL: Global Warming Study Cancelled Because of ‘Unprecedented’ Ice: RWN


Leftist Muslim reporter pleads guilty in JCC bomb threats blamed on Trump supporters: Robert Spencer
CNN Cuts Live Feed After Senator Brings Up Clinton Attorney Joining ‘Independent’ Counsel: Fed Up
What Would Happen If Liberals Got the World They Wanted Here on Earth?: Charlie Daniels

Levin blasts Democrats' ‘Soviet-style hunt’ against Jeff Sessions: Jordan Schachtel
WaPo Fact-Checker: President Trump’s Claim His Nominees Faced ‘Record-Setting Long’ Delays: Glenn Kessler
Moonbattery Encroaches on Olympic Shooting Sports: Dave Blount


The Fruits of Socialism: Venezuela in 20 Photos: Breitbart
US Pentagon Chief 'Shocked' By US Military Readiness, Warns On North Korea: NDTV
Tillerson: PA has ‘changed policy,’ will stop paying terrorists’ families: Eric Cortellessa

The Irrationality Of It All: The Z Man
Otto Warmbier, freed by North Korea in a coma, to arrive in hometown Cincinnati for urgent medical care: Fox
Taliban continues to deny involvement in deadly Kabul attack: Bill Roggio

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Facebook User Faces Criminal Charge for Posting ‘Deadpool’ Movie: WSJ
This is where the government will hide during a nuclear war: Susannah Cahalan
Another Career Path: Full Stack Developer: DevOps


Trump and DeVos Waging a War on Teachers? Let’s Hope So.: J.D. Tuccille
Democratic Strategist’s Rationale For Hillary Loss: Her Campaign Was A “F**king Piece Of Sh*t”: Jeff Dunetz
Wake Up: Your Country’s On Fire. And the Fireman are Helplessl: MOTUS

Image: London fire: What we know so far about Grenfell Tower
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QOTD: "The only verified leaker exposed: Jim Comey. The only person we know is not and never was under investigation for ties to Russia: Donald Trump. The only person exposed for trying to influence an election: [Obama attorney general] Loretta Lynch. The only paper accused of publishing fake news: The New York Times. The only person who attempted to obstruct justice: Loretta Lynch and probably Bill Clinton" --Charles Hurt

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