Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Why Robert Mueller should resign as special counsel

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Why Robert Mueller should resign as special counsel: Gregg Jarrett
Is Robert Mueller conflicted in Trump probe?: Byron York
Four members of Mueller's team have donated to Democrats: Olivia Beavers

Comey admitted single Trump leak, but were there others?: Cody Derespina
Never Underestimate The Severity of James Comey’s Manipulative Intent: Treehouse
Nutjobs at Daily Kos Celebrate "Robert Mueller's Justice League": DaliyKos

Ted Cruz Lays Out 4 Priorities for a Blockbuster Year for Conservatives: Christine Roe
Jim DeMint joins growing ‘convention of the states' movement: Fredreka Schouten
FL Sheriff to Constituents: Conceal Carry to Stop Terrorist Attacks: Gabriella Hoffman

Confession 2017 — Bernie Sanders’ Christophobia: Ben Stein
The Real Reason Americans Protest Sharia Law: Katie Nations
9th Circuit Court just made a Yuge mistake.: David Weissman

This is the most dangerous gang in the nation: Isabel Vincent
Border Patrol Agent was Kidnapped, FBI Leads Investigation: Brandon Darby
More Liberal Protest Violence: AntiFa Woman Stabs Police Horse: RWN

Levin obliterates the Left’s 'ridiculous' Trump-emoluments claim: Phil Shiver
Silly Democrat Introduces COVFEFE Act, Because Why Not: RWN
Single Payer Government Healthcare was Always the Endgame: RWN


Don’t Blame Trump for Obamacare’s Collapse: Jon Gabriel
Obamacare Repeal Moves Steadily Forward: David Catron
Dept. of Labor Will Increase Efforts to Combat Visa Fraud and Abuse: NUSA

Scandal Central

Comey and Mueller have a history as a Deep State tag team: Clarice Feldman
Prosecute Comey?: F.H. Buckley
Chuck Schumer Dines With Alex Soros, Son Of George Soros: TPI

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Boston Globe Is Super Excited For You To Give Up Your Air Conditioning: William Teach


Smith: Purging History ~ Assaulting Our American Heritage: Federal Observer
Erased from History: Trump Slogans Vanish from HS Yearbook Photos: JWF
An Inartful Dodger: MOTUS

Comey Delivers Media an Anonymous Source Reckoning: Eddie Zipperer
Barron Trump’s ‘The Expert’ T-shirt sells out at J. Crew: RedAlert
Woolsey: Doesn’t Have to Be ‘Classified’ to Be a Leak: Kathryn Blackhurst


Linda Sarsour Claims Sharia Never Imposed on Anyone. Really?: Meira Svirsky
UK: Two Arrested for Burning Qur’ans: Robert Spencer
Austria Bans Islamic Dresses for Women, Mandates 12-Month Integration Course: Heat Street

Turkey Demonstrates Concern Over Human Rights By Imprisoning Chairman Of Amnesty International: Jazz Shaw
Australia planning first ever prison unit built specifically to keep terrorists in isolation: The Independent
'Islamic State "sisters" will be the next bridge killers': DailyMail

London jihadi screamed “This is for Allah, stop living this life” as he slit woman’s throat: Robert Spencer
Linda Sarsour to keynote Chicago Islamic supremacist convention: Jordan Schachtel
Islamic State calls for Ramadan attacks in US, Europe: Times of Israel

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

A bug, not a feature: Vic Rosenthal
Conservatives: Drop Amazon Prime NOW: Market-Ticker
How ‘shadow government’ of US elites will run America if nuclear war spells Armageddon: DailyMail


Guys, Seriously, It’s Just a Chicken Sandwich…Calm Down: Peter Heck
The Shocking Doomsday Maps Of The World And The Billionaire Escape Plans: Jim Dobson
Grassroots Activists Get Big Win in Pennsylvania: Jon Meadows

Image: Did Obama White House And Loretta Lynch Illegally Meddle In 2016 Election?
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QOTD: "The best of the Swamp Lawyers are getting the band together.

The show will run clear through the midterm elections and beyond. Plamegate-O.J.Trial-Watergate all combined on steroids.

Trump should give them a timetable (of, say, no more than 6 months) and, if there’s no evidence of a crime, pull the plug on the entire fiasco." --Lee Cary

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