Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Comey sued by intelligence contractor over spying on Americans

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Comey sued by intelligence contractor over spying on Americans: Circa
Comey refuses to answer bipartisan questions from senators: Circa
Washington’s Empire Is Not Unraveling: Paul Craig Roberts

When Comey Didn’t Meet Obama: Edward Klein
Nets Blackout the Radical Leftist History of NSA Leaker Reality Winner: NB
A Response to My Conservative Critics About Trump: Dennis Prager

The Niceties Lose to the Necessities: Richard Fernandez
Ramadan Isn’t Just for Prayer and Fasting: Brent Smith
Michigan’s first Muslim-controlled city council utterly dysfunctional: Creeping

Leftism: An Incurable Disease: Judah Friedman
Whiny People Seek Reprieve Over Trump Blocking Them On Twitter: RWN
The Best Places to Watch Comey Hearing: Alex Gangitano


Bend Over, Teachers: Here Comes Progress: Jim Goad
Democrats Plot Debt Ceiling Fight, Shut Down To Thwart Trump Tax Cuts: ZH
Amazon Offers 45% Discount To Welfare Participants Who Open Prime Account: RWN

Scandal Central

First Deep State Arrest: DOJ Fingers Contractor for NSA Doc Leak: Ian Mason
Total Vetting Fail: Left-Wing Snowden Fangirl Gets Access to Our NSA Secrets: John Hayward
Oversight Committee to Revisit Operation Fast and Furious: Katie Pavlich

State, Treasury Departments Sued for Records on $400 Million Cash Payment to Iran: JW
Obama Admin Hid Iran Cyber-Attack During ‘Side-Deal’ Nuclear Negotiations: Susan Crabtree
Devin Nunes on Unmasking: ‘Oh, This Is Only the Beginning’: John Batchelor

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Paris climate agreement shares nations' wealth: Times


CNN’s Cuomo to Pelosi: ‘We Haven’t Seen Any Proof’ of Collusion: David Rutz
Piers Morgan on Theresa May and London terror attack: Daily Mail
They Just Won't Go Away: Nasty Michelle Obama Trashes Trump at Apple Conference: GWP


The Church of Globalism Wants Your Blood (and Money): Breath of the Beast
Britain Pays the Price for Complacency: Peter G. Riddell
Police: All 12 people arrested after London attack released without charges: Kyle Feldscher

Is President Trump Behind Qatar Isolation?: BattleSwarm
Is it 'Islamophobic' to draw attention to Sadiq Khan’s links with extremists?: Coffee House
Flashback: Sadiq Khan Refers to 'Moderate' Muslims as 'Uncle Toms' : GWP

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

USPTO director Michelle Lee has resigned without warning: Joe Mullin
Facial recognition tech makes it official: There is no privacy anymore: Cate Lawrence
DEA Deploying Powerful Spyware Without Required Privacy Impact Assessments: TechDirt


Extraordinary colourised photos bring D-Day landings to life: TheSun
D-Day remembered in photos: Showing the contrast from 1944 to now: KDVR
Reality Bites: MOTUS

Image: Extraordinary colourised photos bring D-Day landings to life
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QOTD: "The totality of the Reality Winner experience reads like a joke put together for a presentation by bored NSA staffers about the sort of person that should never, ever be given a security clearance. It’s as though a far-left blog downloaded itself into a human brain and chose a name by reading its own comments section.

It should also be noted that the circumstances of this Iran fangirl’s data theft are a blistering indictment of agency procedures. Even with a valid top secret clearance, Winner had no legitimate reason to see the documents she allegedly purloined. She was only caught because the website she reportedly leaked to contacted the NSA to ask if her material was legitimate. The agency that was stunned by how much sensitive material Edward Snowden managed to abscond with still doesn’t seem to be properly compartmentalizing information and enforcing need-to-know rules.”" --John Hayward


Anonymous said...

RE - "Police: All 12 people arrested after London attack released without charges"

But don't worry, the police are going to keep a watchful eye on them. //S//

Anonymous said...

With the news that President Obama's Library will contain digital documents many realize that the outhouse for the worlds smallest violin and a gigabyte of data will not be very big, however, the words "Hope and Change" are expected to take up 9 acres.