Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Obama’s Criminal Enterprise Collapsing

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Obama’s Criminal Enterprise Collapsing: Daniel John Sobieski
Trump administration plans border wall models in summer: Fox
Mark Levin: ‘Republican Party has been conquered’ by progressivism: Times

The challenge of ending progressive policies: Rich Weinstein
IRS Report: Illegal Aliens Using Stolen SSNs of 1.4 Million Citizens for Tax Fraud: Matt Vespa
Mark Levin: Dems should be 'excited', 'Russian collusion' has been discovered: Blaze

Senile old Nancy Pelosi suffers multiple brain freezes: Mirror
Bernie Sanders: Capitalist Pig: Sultan Knish
Bernie Sanders rips FBI's 'pathetic' probe into his wife: Post

GOP Senator Says Mueller's Hiring Spree Taints Entire Russia Probe: LifeZette
Dems: Senate Health Bill Would Doom Senior Care System, Special Ed: RWN
It’s Finally Happening: Sarah Palin Files Suit Against New York Times: RWN


Democrat Party More Destructive to Economy Than Modern Chinese Communists: GWP

Scandal Central

Obama WH covering up billions stolen from Fannie and Freddie for Obamacare: Tucker
Sally Yates: couldn't defend Trump travel ban as it's based on religion: Exam
California bans travel to states that protect Christians from bigotry: Fr. Mark Hodges


CNN faced $100M lawsuit over botched Russia story: Post
Tucker Carlson Blows Up CNN's Deception: Michael Delauzon
New York Times bloodbath could include reporter jobs: Post

Mark Levin book condemning media, progressives, debuts No. 1 on Amazon: Paul Bedard
Snopes carries water for Muhammad: Robert Spencer
Rob Reiner calls for 'all out war' to 'resist' Trump: RWN


Police Coup in Venezuela?: Sun
Muslims in Bosnia preparing for jihad, expect to destroy Bosnian Christians in days: Geller
Starving Yazidi Sex Slave Unwittingly Ate Her Own Son After ISIS Butchered Him: Post

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Print advert tells customers their foot type: Springwise
The future we're building -- and boring: Elon Musk
CIA Exploits Against Wireless Routers: Schneier


The Most Trusted Name in News: Ace
Us & Them: MOTUS
Colbert's Ratings Slip Back Behind Fallon's: Ace

Image: Trump administration plans border wall models in summer
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