Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Trump’s Way Out of the Progressive Labyrinth

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Trump’s Way Out of the Progressive Labyrinth: Victor Davis Hanson
13 Percent of Syrian Refugees Support ISIS: Poll: Meira Svirsky
Illegal Aliens Made Up 66% of Criminal Alien Convictions in Texas in 6 Years: NUSA

Dems choke in Georgia after record spending on failed Ossoff campaign: Brent Scher
Democrats are incapable of learning from Georgia Special Election loss: LI
Trump Right Again: Study Reports 5.7 Million Illegals May Have Voted: RWN

Action and Reaction: Mark Steyn
Clinton labor secretary raising money in massive scam to impeach Trump: Paul Bedard
Eric Holder joins anti-Trump resistance — and mulls presidential campaign: Yahoo

Hey, GOP, the GA-6 win is not a mandate to keep being liberal idiots: Daniel Horowitz
Levin on Hannity: Mueller can't prosecute Trump, according to DOJ: CR
Democrats Lose Again: Suffer Crushing $26 Million Georgia Defeat: Brendan Kirby


Illinois’ unpaid bill backlog grows to more than $15B: Marianna Schmiesing
Minimum Wage Madness Begins to Kill Off California’s Restaurant Industry: Dave Blount
Iowa Obamacare's Last Health Insurer Raising Premiums At Least 43%: Mary Chastain

Scandal Central

Real Scandals The Trump-Obsessed Media Are Ignoring: IBD
Senate Judiciary leaders will meet with Robert Mueller to avoid any potential conflicts: Circa
Fred Fleitz: 'North Korean Government Murdered' Otto Warmbier as 'Obama ... Did Almost Nothing': Breitbart

Hillary Clinton Told FBI's Mueller To Deliver Uranium To Russians In 2009 in Secret Meeting: ZH
How ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Are Helping Immigrants Outwit ICE: John Carlos Frey
Virginia: Muslim girl a victim of illegal alien’s road rage, not hate crime: Creeping

Climate, Energy & Regulations

The New ‘Consensus’ On Global Warming: shocking admission by “Team Climate”: WUWT


Wonder Woman Ban Spreads Across Arab World: HRV
NY Times Op-Ed: Deport Americans, Invite Migrants: Breitbart
In Just 4 Minutes, Thomas Sowell Obliterates 100 Years of Liberal Thought: RWN

Conway Thanks Those Who ‘Snarkily’ Called Georgia Race a ‘Referendum’ on Trump: David Rutz
Report: DNC Staffer Seth Rich Likely Targeted by Experienced Killer, Not Random Robbery: Ronn Blitzer
Patagonia Devotes Itself to Moonbattery: Dave Blount


Trump called Otto Warmbier's death a 'disgrace' and said he should have come home long ago: Circa
ISIS Setting Up Support Networks to Move Terrorists to Europe, Asia: Bill Gertz
Coming Soon To North Korea: Operation Enduring Covfefe?: Hot Air

White House says it retains right to self-defense in Syria; Moscow warns Washington: Reuters
Armed Russian jet comes within 5 feet of US recon jet: Lucas Tomlinson
Fresh terror in Brussels: DailyMail

Germany Agrees to Show “Censored” Documentary on Anti-Semitism as Public Pressure Grows: Tower
Stamford Hill on lockdown as police clash with youths ‘brandishing machetes’: Thomas Hunt
CENTCOM confirms Islamic State’s ‘Grand Mufti’ killed in airstrike: Thomas Joscelyn

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

DNA Replication Has Been Filmed For The First Time, And It's Not What We Expected: Bec Crew
It’s Time To Break Up Amazon: Douglas Rushkoff
Lenovo's pro workstation is as light as a MacBook Air: Engadget


Certain Conditions May NOT Apply: MOTUS
Sooo… how’d today’s elections go?: Sondrakistan
Tuesday Links and Open Thread: Johnny Dollar

Image: Why Jon Ossoff’s loss is bad news for Democrats’ 2018 hopes
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QOTD: "So the Department of Justice has written 'a sitting President is constitutionally immune from indictment and criminal prosecution' ...

Thus, this entire preposterous discussion about whether Trump obstructed justice (which he did not) is entirely irrelevant for criminal investigative purposes." --Mark Levin

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