Thursday, June 08, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Comey Releases Prepared Testimony: It Backs Up Trump

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Comey Releases Prepared Testimony: It Backs Up Trump: Jeff Dunetz
Comey Testimony Is Not About Accusing the President of a Crime: Andrew C. McCarthy
Trump Exonerated--Fired FBI Director Comey Releases Prepared Remarks: Treehouse

All We Need is Love --- And Deportations: Coulter
Mark Levin tears up 'left-wing kook' Kamala Harris: Jordan Schachtel
Comey Assured Trump Three Times He Was Not Being Personally Investigated: WFB

Trump feels 'totally vindicated' by Comey testimony, lawyer says: Jordan Fabian
Levin: No Smoking Gun of any Kind in this Testimony: Scoop
Comey's prepared testimony shows why he deserved to be fired.: WSJ

Yes, America Is in the Midst of a Civil War: Dennis Prager
Feds: Up to 100 Girls Underwent Female Genital Mutilation in Michigan: Mary Chastain
Kansas Rep. Patsy Terrell (D) Found Dead In Hotel Room: Breaking 911


Illinois’ pension debt grew by $25B during 2011 income tax hike: Michael Lucci
Party of the rich: Tax assessments in Democratic Cook County punish the poor: Marathon
DHS Secretary Talks Immigration During Budget Hearing: NUSA

Number of Job Openings Hits Record-High at 6 Million: WFB
America First: Trump Unveils Massive Infrastructure Initiative in Ohio: Hannity
EPA Delays One of the Agency’s Most Expensive Regulations Ever: Michael Bastasch

Scandal Central

Probable Cause for Obama Admin’s “Abuse of Power”: Sara Noble
Comey Statement Confirms President Trump Was Right, Told 3 Times He Wasn’t Under Investigation: Ethan Ralph
The Final Truth about Comey's Fake “Trump Dossier”: Accuracy In Media

Climate, Energy & Regulations

The Treasonous Secession of Climate Confederacy States: Daniel Greenfield


Undercover expose of media?: James O'Keefe
‘Thoughts Are Not Facts’: Fox’s Elizabeth MacDonald Shares Her Journalism Experience: Carrie Sheffield
CNN Slams Clapper For Saying Watergate “Pales In Comparison” To Trump-Russia: WZ


Interview with Col. Richard Kemp: Mark Levin Show
Analysis: The Islamic State’s first major terrorist attacks inside Iran: Thomas Joscelyn
Trump Prepares to Reverse Obama’s Capitulations to Castro: Humberto Fontova

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

US spook-sat buzzed the International Space Station: Richard Chirgwin
Uber Fires More Than 20 Employees in Harassment Probe: Eric Newcomer
Have Scientists Finally Unraveled the Mysteries of Antimatter?: Natalie Brown


Londonistan Contemplates a Travel Ban of Its Own: MOTUS
Patrick Fitzgerald, James Comey, and the Kabuki Dance of the Valerie Plame Thing: IP2P (2012)
Watch: Chelsea Clinton Asked To Sign Book “She Persisted” For Juanita Broaddrick: RWN

Image: Londonistan Contemplates a Travel Ban of Its Own
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QOTD: "To this day, we have a whole office at the Department of Justice dedicated to finding and deporting Nazis even without proof they personally committed crimes against Jews. But we can't manage to deport hearty young Muslims who post love notes to ISIS on their Facebook pages.

If the Clinton administration had merely enforced laws on the books against an Afghani immigrant, Mir Seddique Mateen, and excluded him based on his arm-length list of terrorist affiliations, his son Omar wouldn't have been around to slaughter 49 people at an Orlando nightclub last year.

If Secretary of State John Kerry, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson or anyone else in our vaunted immigration vetting system had done his job, Pakistani Tashfeen Malik never would have been admitted to this country to commit mass murder in San Bernardino a year after she arrived. Before being warmly welcomed by the U.S., Malik's social media posts were bristling with hatred of America and enthusiasm for jihad.

We're already paying a battery of FBI agents to follow every Muslim refugee around the country. When they find out that one of them lists his hobby as "jihad," we need them to stop watching and start deporting. " --Ann Coulter

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Reading about Saint Comey reminds me that when Elijah's servant Gehazi got leprosy for his greed he was later found in politics.