Monday, June 19, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: How the Deep State Built Its Field of Dreams

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How the Deep State Built Its Field of Dreams: Clarice Feldman
Senate GOP shifts focus to Lynch: Jordain Carney
Is Bob Mueller the Establishment’s Stalking Horse?: Bruce Thornton

Another Leak Begins to Fall Apart: Trump Not Under Investigation: Treehouse
Levin: The absurdity of the obstruction investigation in 3 points: Chris Pandolfo
Robert Mueller hasn't decided whether to actually investigate Trump: Report: Alex Pappas

Even Liberals Are Worried About Liberal Extremism: FNI
Gingrich on Mueller: ‘You Tell Me Why I Should Relax As a Republican’: Susan Jones
Excitable Adam Schiff (D-Ca) Admits There’s No Proof Of Collusion: William Teach

Conservatives, time to jump ship from phony Obamacare 'repeal': Daniel Horowitz
DOJ Initiating Fast Track Deportation Orders For Criminal Illegals: William Teach
Alan Dershowitz: Trump 'should not be subject to criminal prosecution': Exam


Only bad options: The end of Illinois: John Ruberry
Trump to Introduce Apprenticeship Program to Deal With Student Debt: LI
New Liberal Narrative: DeVos Doesn’t Care About Civil Rights in Education: LI

Scandal Central

Robert Mueller hasn't decided whether to actually investigate Trump: Report: Alex Pappas
James Comey: ‘America’s Girlfriend,’ In The Hot Seat: Jeff Dunetz
Conspiracy Of Silence About Mueller: NoisyRoom


Wins for President Trump underreported by American Press: LI
John Cleese on Political Correctness and Islam: BattleSwarm
Time to destroy Moms Demand Gun Confiscation’s Failed Talking Points with Two Charts: Carpe Diem

Judge Jeanine is Furious: RINO’s Are Plotting To Take Down President Trump…: 100%
Scott Pelley: D.C. Attack on GOP Was 'to Some Degree Self-Inflicted': Tom Blumer
NYT’s Patrick S. Tomlinson, ‘Not A Single Good Person Who Voted For Trump’: Jeff Dunetz


Experts: To stop global jihad, wage war against political Islam: Jordan Schachtel
Uh, What Happened Here? (Fitzgerald Collision): Market-Ticker
Something is fishy about USS Fitzgerald story we are getting from the media: Thomas Lifson

US F/A-18E Shoots Down Syrian Su-22 in Air-to-Air Kill: Oriana Pawlyk
Iran fires missiles at Islamic State in Syria to avenge Tehran attacks: MEE
Iran: Taking High Risks With Low Tech: Grant Gambling

Terror Flags Waved Openly in Streets of London: CNS
Race Quotas Wreak Havoc on South Africa’s Mining Industry: MB
U.S. Quietly Admits Covert CIA Role in Iranian Coup: Adam Kredo

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Too Much Ice = Global Warming: John Hinderaker
Will AI Replace ERP?: Alex Woodie
GOP plans to bar U.S. states from meddling with self-driving laws: David Curry


Dads Can Be So Embarrassing, But We Love Them Anyway: Sarah J. Halliday
The Personality Profile Of The SJW: Heartiste
Colin Kaepernick May Have Ended His NFL Career With This One Tweet: Donn Marten

Image: How Finsbury Park mosque attack unfolded
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QOTD: "Republicans have already preemptively sabotaged our messaging on Obamacare. Continuing in their group will just waste another month we could be working on regulations, immigration, and national security, and we won’t repeal Obamacare anyway, but instead just make it more popular.

It would be one thing if Republicans at least repealed the core regulations that make Obamacare insolvent. Then, even if they throw endless subsidies at Medicaid, private insurance, and high risk pools, at least there can be a free market, albeit a distorted one, for the remainder of the country or at least for the states that don’t want government-run health care. But it has become clear that on the regulatory structure, the Senate is making the House bill worse, not better. The time to evacuate is now.

It’s not too late for conservatives to propose their own repeal bill with free market supply side and insurance reforms. They can stand on their own messaging instead of dying for the other side’s ideology. If we are going to be stuck with a failing health care system, skyrocketing premiums, and states without a single insurer, at least let’s have the blame put on Obamacare, where it belongs, not phony repeal of Obamacare, so that we can have a small chance of coming back at another time and repealing it." --Daniel Horowitz

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