Friday, January 31, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Chief Justice John Roberts Denies President His Sixth Amendment Rights

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Trump Hat 2020 Keep America Great Camo MAGA Hat
Chief Justice Roberts Denies President His Sixth Amendment Rights: Joshua Caplan
Feds Back Off Jailing Gen. Flynn After Stunning News Gov't 'Lied': Victoria Taft
Whatever Happened to the Democratic Primary?: Matthew Continetti

GOP has votes to block witnesses as key senator backs Trump: Susan Ferrechio
In 2010, Bolton Said He'd ‘Absolutely’ Lie About National Security Issues: Sean Davis
Almost 200 People Have Had Their Guns Take Via NJ’s New Red Flag Law: Cove

What If The Vote On Witnesses Is A Tie?: Jazz Shaw
‘F—ing Traitor’: Sen. Collins Shares Abusive Voicemails Ahead of Vote: Cameron Cawthorne
Report: Impeachment Could End Friday: R.S. McCain

Schweizer: Liz Warren Built Fortune Helping Companies She Decries: Hannah Bleau
Sanders Pledges To End Immigration Enforcement, Close Prisons, End Oil Exports: DailyWire
Bernie Sanders praised segregationist George Wallace in 1972: Joseph Simonson

Who Is Kevin Clinesmith?: James Freeman
Zogby: Bloomberg threat real, only Democrat leading Trump: Paul Bedard
Rashida Tlaib says she'll 'strive' to higher standards after blood libel retweet, doesn't apologize: Fox


New projections of deficits provoke no response from Congress: Jay Heflin

Scandal Central

Christine Blasey-Bolton’s Book Gig is Up, Courtesy of Mark Levin: Judi McLeod
Soros Backed Not-For-Profit Behind Indictment of Parnas, Fruman: Tracy Beanz
The Department of Justice Coverup of its Spying on Me Continues: Sharyl Attkisson


Eric Ciaramella’s Name Is Not a Secret, and #TeamTrump Only Hires Winners: R.S. McCain
Stunning drone video shows devastation from helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant, 8 others: John Bacon
Hillary Clinton Dodges Rep. Gabbard’s Defamation Lawsuit: OAN

Chief Justice Candy Crowley Roberts intervenes again in favor of Dems and media, but I repeat myself: M. Dowling
Republicans ‘Punch Back Twice as Hard’ With Ad Targeting CNN Elitists: R.S. McCain
CNN Anchors: Democrats ‘Look Like They’re in Trouble’ on Witnesses Vote: Graham Piro


Scotland: Cops take down Muslim migrant rape gang, keep it secret: Robert Spencer
7,000 people banned from leaving cruise ship in Italy due to coronavirus – right out of a movie: Ryan Morgan
The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan Is a Much-Needed Dose of Reality: David Harsanyi

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Leaked Documents Expose the Secretive Market for Your Web Browsing Data: Joseph Cox
Bentley Built a Badass Continental GT for Ice Racing: Mack Hogan
Why one Hong Kong doctor is in support of a medical strike amid the coronavirus outbreak: Mary Hui


Mystery of Prince Rupert’s Drop: Robert Zimmerman
Deadlocked: Stilton’s Place
FLOTUS Friday: Unavailable For Ridicule: MOTUS


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