Friday, January 17, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: McConnell’s brilliant statement on Nancy’s “golden pens on silver platters”

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McConnell’s brilliant statement on Nancy’s “golden pens on silver platters”: M. Dowling
Rand Paul Will Expose Every Republican Who Joins with Democrats: M. Dowling
Trump impeachment heralds era of hyper-partisanship Framers feared: Andrew McCarthy

A Textbook Example of Tyranny: Diogenes
GAO Declares Trump’s Action On Ukraine Aid To Be Unlawful: Jonathan Turley
When the GAO Ruled Obama Broke the Law in 2014, No One Said Sh**: Matt Margolis

Levin: House has destroyed the Constitution, it's the Senate's job to fix it: Fox
Impeachment Trial Next Steps – Senate Leader McConnell Sets Briefing Schedule: CTH
Pelosi On Witnesses: “It’s Not A Question” Of “Proof” It’s About “Allegations”: WZ

Trump Praises Chuck Grassley For Hammering Ex-FBI Director Comey: Anders Hagstrom
WV Invites Virginia #2A Counties To Switch States: Jazz Shaw
Another Caravan Is Headed For The US Border, But DHS Says It’s Ready: Jason Hopkins


The chart the Trump campaign should be 'plastering absolutely everywhere': Matt London
Democrat leadership: Pallets of bottled water found inside another vacant building in Flint: Fox 66 Detroit
DHS seeks 270 miles of border wall using counter-narcotics funds: Fox

Scandal Central

DOJ Investigating Comey’s Role in Leak of Classified Doc During Clinton-Email Probe: Tobias Hoonhout
The IG Report Documentary: “FISA and Spying on Team Trump”: CTH
Lev Parnas’s Comments To New York Times Conflict With CNN Report About ‘Secret Mission’ For Trump: Chuck Ross


Latest Liberal “Solution.” Start Slashing Police Budgets: Jazz Shaw
Newsweek Changed Its Article About Me, But . . .: Dennis Prager
CNN Favorite Michael Avenatti Arrest Warrant Shows Quite the Knack for Living Large: RS

GOP Senator McSally Tells CNN Correspondent 'You're a Liberal Hack' and It Was Glorious: Matt Margolis
Mitch McConnell Appears To Troll Nancy Pelosi With A Single Pen: William Davis
Hunter Biden will 'have to take one for the team' if Dems want witnesses in Senate impeachment trial: pundit: Fox

Should Trump get a third term if he's impeached and acquitted? Hmmmmm ...: Glenn Harlan Reynolds
If The Democrats Lose in 2020, They'll Try to Destroy the Country: Steve Straub
Greg Gutfeld rips Dems like never before over impeachment circus: BPR


Hey President Trump, Declassify The Secret Letters Obama Sent To Iran: Denise Simon
Putin’s Now Purged the West from the Kremlin: Tom Luongo
Lev Parnas isn't a 'bombshell' in the impeachment case. He's stalling on his way to prison: Eddie Scarry

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Best of Infosec 2019: What I Learned Watching All 44 AppSec Cali 2019 Talks: Clint Gibler
MassPrivateI: Rentable Facial Recognition Robots Coming To A Conference Near You: MassPrivateI
Google’s new AI language model can comprehend entire books: Ivan Mehta


Throwback Thursday: Trump Flushes Away Yesterday’s Environmental Restrictions: MOTUS
From Them, It's Meant As A Compliment: Springer’s Blog
Burst capillaries in Jeffrey Epstein's eyeballs suggest murder: Daily Mail



Anonymous said...

After watching Washington State implement onerous, useless licensures on Trades for 20 years it is interesting to note that they can create a punitive system for good people, but the hard part is enforcement.
It is the same with the gun mess Northam has created. The first wave is to blame the people, the second is to pass laws, the third is to create compliance.
If Government creates a situation they can not get their arms around, and the People protest en masse, tyrants lose.
Why shouldn't this MLK Day be a day for a Virginian from every family, or whole families to travel to Richmond and make their voices heard. It is History, it is Constitutional, it's their Right.

Doom said...

I attempted to access the story about 270 miles of extra(?) border wall. Was advised I have no access. Is Fox that shut out, or could it be a carrier issue? I'll see about locating the article other ways.