Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Treason? Ilhan Omar Gives Iran Military Advice, Suggests It Could Target Trump Hotels

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Trump 2020 Keep America Great Campaign Hat
Treason? Omar Gives Iran Military Advice, Suggests Targeting Trump Hotels: Robert Spencer
Democrats Are Now Incapable Of Protecting America: I&I
Awaiting Trump’s response to Iranian missile attack on US bases in Iraq: Jamie McIntyre

Will It Be War? Trump to Make Iran Announcement After Missile Attack: Tyler O’Neil
Biden’s Disastrous Foreign Policy Record Ripped Wide Open by Trump: Rusty Weiss
How Bloomberg Just Tanked Any Possible Support From Teachers Unions: Jazz Shaw

The State of The Donald: Don Surber
The Schiff Effect: Jeffrey Lord
Chuck Schumer wants witnesses. Hunter Biden could be a disaster.: Jonathan Turley

Triggering A Recession Tops The Dems’ Presidential Agendas: I&I
AOC Wants Democrats to Expel Moderates: Tobias Hoonhout
Police Stand By While Conservative Reporter Assaulted by Antifa: Meira Svirsky

93% of Muslim Public Officials Refuse Support for Constitution: Stephen M. Kirby
9 Somali men in Minnesota sentenced this week on terrorism charges: Anna Giaritelli
Suicide (Final) Solution: David Cole


The Fracking Decade: Noah Rothman
Democratic Minority Voters Overwhelmingly Favor School Choice: Ben DeGrow
Harvard Economics Professor: Global Carbon Tax, Give the Money to China: Eric Worrall

Scandal Central

Justice Department reverses itself on Michael Flynn, asking for up to six months in prison: Jerry Dunleavy
Judge In Flynn Case Ignores Mounting Evidence Of Prosecutorial Abuse: Margot Cleveland (12/19)
Five States Face Federal Lawsuit Over Inaccurate Voter Registrations: Mark Hemingway


Democrat Kook Ro Khanna: No Embassy Protests Or Dead American Contractors Under Obama: Virginia Kruta
Media More Interested in Using Iran Situation to Hurt Trump Than to Accurately Report News: Resurgent
AOC Caves to Legal Threat From Candace Owens: Matt Palumbo

CNN Journalist Complains After Satire Website ‘The Babylon Bee’ Beats them in Social Engagement: LifeZette
How Tucker And Rand Got It Wrong On Killing Soleimani: George Rasley
Covington Catholic Student Nick Sandmann Gets Settlement From CNN After $275 Million Lawsuit: Ryan Saavedra

Media Beclowns Itself With Fake News, Anti-Trump Propaganda During Iran Missile Attack: Debra Heine
Newsweek Hits a New Low: Dennis Prager
Iranian Journalist Tells U.S. Media: Don’t Fall for Iranian Propaganda: War Room


Iran, Again: Jim Geraghty
Soleimani’s IEDs killed more than 600 American soldiers, wounded many more: WTRF
Trump’s unpredictability didn’t work out too well for Suleimani: Andrew Malcolm

Climate Change? Turns Out Two Dozen Arrested for Setting Australia's Fires: Leah Barkoukis
Trump Administration Blocks Iran’s Top Diplomat From Addressing the U.N. Security Council: ForPol
Over 3,000 political arrests in socialist Cuba during 2019: Alberto de la Cruz

Levin: The Trump Doctrine: Nate Madden
Inside the plot by Iran’s Soleimani to attack U.S. forces in Iraq: Reuters
Iran will suffer ‘crushing blow’ if it attacks Israel, Netanyahu warns: TOI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

IT exec sets up fake biz to scam his employer out of $6m: Lisa Vaas
The 2020s Will Change The World Submarine Balance: H I Sutton
Uncovering the “secret door” to free tax filing: Sharyl Attkisson


Japan issues warrant for Carlos Ghosn's wife after former auto executive escapes the country: Bangkok Post
Trump takes out leader of Alpha Centauri invasion force, Dems furious: Drunk Republican
Did Dodgers lose to sign-stealing cheaters in back-to-back World Series appearances?: Bill Shaikin


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