Thursday, January 16, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Virginia’s Blackface Governor Declares a Fake "Emergency" to Preemptively Disarm Gun-Carriers

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Gov. Blackface Declares Fake "Emergency" to Preemptively Disarm Gun-Carriers: Ace
New Evidence In Flynn Case Shows Prosecutors Pushed Him To Lie: Margot Cleveland
Virginia State of Emergency After Armed Militias Threaten to Storm Capitol: Vice

It Begins: Senate Leader McConnell Receives Articles of Impeachment: CTH
The Cult Of Pelosi Is A Deadly Thing For Democrats’ Future: Christopher Bedford
Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy Blasts Impeachment Effort During Floor Speech: CTH

Fear in Crown Heights: Malka Groden
Michigan Islamic Leaders Mourn Soleimani: Alex VanNess
Warren confronts Sanders post-debate, says he called her 'a liar on national TV': Exam

GOP Rep Stuns House Panel With Pointed Question About Soleimani: Debra Heine
ICE Subpoenas Denver Police on Illegal Aliens Arrested For Violent Crimes: John Sexton
Federal Judge Upholds Trump Family Separation Policy: Jazz Shaw


Middle- and low-income people leaving California: CalMatters
Trump Will Transfer $7.2 Billion for Border Wall: Catherine Smith
Trump’s SALT Cap Fuels a Wealth Exodus From High-Tax States: Martin Z. Braun

Scandal Central

Nancy Pelosi Is Doing Putin’s Bidding: Ben Domenech
Unequal Fates: A Real Obama Era Whistleblower vs. the Trump ‘Whistleblower’: Julie Kelly
Obama lawyer David Kris disrupts FISA renewal debate!: David Chaitin

Feds blame Bill de Blasio for murder, sex assault of 92-year-old woman: Post
Judicial Watch Releases List of Journalists and Trump Allies Ukraine Ambassador Allegedly Targeted: Debra Heine
Pelosi Appoints Steele Dossier Truthers As Anti-Trump Impeachment Managers: Chrissy Clark


Their Fevered Brows: David Thompson
CNN Under Fire For Overtly Hostile Treatment Of Sanders In Iowa Debate: Jonathan Turley
Forget Democracy — The Washington Post Is Killing Integrity In Darkness: Victoria Toensing

27 Problems With Media’s Latest Failed Attack On Attorney General William Barr: Mollie Hemingway
NEC Director Larry Kudlow Discusses Implications of U.S-China Trade Deal: CTH
Elizabeth Warren Rejects Handshake From Bernie Sanders After CNN Debate: Ian Schwartz


Russian Government Resigns En Masse—What Is Putin Up To?: John Sexton
President Trump, Vice-Premier Liu Deliver Remarks Celebrating U.S-China Trade Agreement: CTH
Iran’s Top General Was an Obstacle to Both US Interests and Iranian Democracy: Thomas Cantwell

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Silicon Valley’s Secret Slushfund Led by Longtime Soros Ally: War Room
Cybercrooks are targeting retirement accounts, and there's no guarantee you'll get your money back: Paul Gores
This Apple-FBI Fight Is Different From the Last One: Lily Hay Newman


Ronsday Rant: GOC
An Introduction to Q: Deborah Franklin
AOC-linked dark money group to spend $500G attacking Biden, Buttigieg: Nick Givas


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clayusmcret said...

Funniest part was Steyer sliming his way into the conversation. He knew that would be played over and again and made sure his face was in the middle of it.