Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: “You Have Always Been Loyal to This Nation, Now You Finally Have a President Who is Loyal To You”

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“You Have Always Been Loyal... Now You Finally Have a President Who is Loyal To You”: CTH
Hillary Clinton Vindicated On Corruption Charges? Bullsh**.: I&I
Anatomy of a Clinton Scam: Charles Ortel

Project Veritas Highlights Violent Wing Inside Bernie Sanders Campaign: CTH
Project Veritas: Sanders Staffer Suggests “Nazi” Trump Supporters be Sent to Gulags: RS
Sanders Campaign Aide Threatens Gulags and Violence: Joseph Klein

Last Dem Debate Before Iowa: Two Communists Enter, One Communist Leaves: Hot Air
Sanders and Warren Clash at the Debate and the CNN Moderator Takes a Side: RS
Joe Biden's streak of being wrong on foreign policy continues, uninterrupted: Exam

House Scheme Unfolds – Adam Schiff Transmits “New Evidence” to Nadler: CTH
Laura Ingraham Guides Nunes From Discussing Mary McCord Working With Schiff: CTH
Five states warned on voter registration irregularities: World Tribune

It is even better, Glenn : Don Surber
Adam Schiff: Joe and Hunter Biden should not testify: Sara Carter
White House Confirms Impeachment Defense Team: Cipollone, Sekulow, Purpura and Philbin: CTH

Scandal Central

The Central Irony of David Kris – The Writing is Already on the Wall: Monsieur America
Mark Meadows: GOP Will Appeal to Surveillance Court Over Choice to Oversee FBI Reforms: Chuck Ross
Flynn Withdraws Guilty Plea – Cites DOJ “bad faith, vindictiveness and breach of plea agreement”: CTH

Sketchy Changes to IG FISA Report Cover-Up Major Discrepancy in First Version: CTH
Revealed: Identity of top FBI official who leaked secret information to media: Jerry Dunleavy
FISA Follies: “I Got This, Beyatch!” Edition: NoisyRm


5 Times Media Spin Biased The Government’s Crossfire Hurricane Investigation: Margot Cleveland
WaPo’s Wemple calls on CNN to come clean on Steele dossier reporting: Don Irvine
Soviet Dissident Recalls Jews And Christians Stood United Against Fear: Spyridon Mitsotakis


Trump’s Latest Plan for Iran: Regime Disruption: Eli Lake
Germany: Huge Raids on Suspected Chechen Islamist Terror Plotters: Breitbart London
Hezbollah’s plan for precision missile factories risks new escalation in 2020: JNS

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

NSA found a 'severe' security flaw in Windows 10, and it's urging software updates now: Aaron Holmes
‘Xenobots’: Scientists Use Stem Cells To Create First Living Robots: Ian Sample
Top-secret Navy UFO slides: What's likely on them: Tom Rogan


The Candidate for the Little Guy: Stilton’s Place
White Supremacy: You’ll Know It When You See It: MOTUS
Dem Caucus Meets Today To Set Strategy For 2020: Earl of Taint

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