Saturday, January 25, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Sekulow Presser: Defense Begins 10am With Three Hour Preview – Don’t Forget Nellie Ohr

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Trump Hat 2020 Keep America Great Camo MAGA Hat
Sekulow: Defense Begins 10am With Three Hour Preview--Don’t Forget Nellie Ohr: CTH
House Democrats still concealing testimony of 18th witness from Trump team: Times
‘We’re supposed to believe him!?’ Jordan hits Schiff with 7 claims he got ‘exactly wrong’: BPR

History – President Trump Delivers Remarks During March for Life 2020: CTH
Schiff refers to CBS 'head on pike' story, infuriating GOP: Brie Stimson
7 Big Moments in Democrats’ Final Arguments to Remove Trump: Fred Lucas

Schiff Now Openly Claiming Trump 2020 Victory Could Be Illegitimate: WJ
‘Stunned’ Sen. Collins objected to Nadler’s statements in note to Roberts: Brooke Singman
Adam Schiff, April 2019: Obama Had a Duty to Investigate Candidate Trump: Joel B. Pollak

Warren Responds to ‘Angry Dad’ Over Student Loan Plan: Ryan Beckwith
Trump impeachment: Half-empty spectator gallery puzzles senators: Steven Nelson
Schiff Tells Senators They Must Not Allow Trump to Run for Re-Election: CNS


Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Barnes Wants to ‘Stymie Capitalism’: M.D. Kittle
No end in sight to the Alaska cold: WUWT
Boeing postpones 777X first flight; here’s why the wind caused problems: Dominic Gates

Scandal Central

Why the U.S. Security Establishment Can't Stand Trump: Steve Cortes
Rudy Giuliani: “I Won’t Stand By and Watch”: CTH
House Democrats to Senate: Impeach Trump for Criticizing Impeachment on Twitter: Joel B. Pollak


Moore Frustrated With Impeachment: If We’re So Smart, Why Are We Losing?: Gabriel Hays
Team Trump deploys House GOP to hijack Capitol impeachment sideshow: Post
Feel-good story of the month? “Two Convicted Pedophiles Beaten to Death by Inmate with Cane”: Lionel DuCane

Nitwit Charlie Savage Read the Wrong House Memo: Margot Cleveland
Democrats Care About Protecting Democracy…Only When They Win : Katie Pavlich
CNN Silent on Contributor’s False Viral Tweet: Alex Griswold


Chinese market at center of coronavirus outbreak sold wolves, rats to eat: Lia Eustachewich
Lopez-Obrador Under Globalist Fire For Blocking Central American Migrants: CTH
US to evacuate its citizens from Wuhan, China: JPost

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Map tracks coronavirus outbreak in near real time: Johns Hopkins University
How does the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak compare to SARS and MERS?: Chia-Yi Hou
China Shuts Down Schools, Tourist Sites as Viral Pneumonia Reaches Nearly All Parts of China: Nicole Hao


Sundance 2020: Getting More Colorful Every Year: MOTUS
Now It’s Our Turn: Earl of Taint
Reckon It’s Official: Sondrakistan


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Seattle's scheme for Smartphone voting will be as reliable as Service Channel, but that's a County whose motto is: we like to be fooled twice.