Sunday, January 19, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: How five different members of Joe Biden’s family all got rich through his connections

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Trump Hat 2020 Keep America Great Camo MAGA Hat
How five members of Joe Biden’s family all got rich through his connections: Peter Schweizer
Beware Virginia – A Remarkable Confluence of Events…: CTH
Collins: Democrat's remark that Trump must 'prove innocence' should alarm all of us: CTH

Trump Had Right to Withhold Ukraine Funds: GAO is Wrong: Alan M. Dershowitz
The Hole in the Impeachment Case: Andrew C. McCarthy
Alan Dershowitz Discusses His Role During President Trump Impeachment Trial: CTH

Blame Game Set for Va. Gov. Northam's Gun-Free Kill Zone: James G. Robertson
Virginia State Supreme Court Rules On Governor’s Gun Ban For Rally: Jazz Shaw
Ralph Northam Is Virginia’s Best Gun Salesman: Cam Edwards

Desperately Smearing Amy Coney Barrett: Jonathan H. Adler
Investigation finds dead voters casting ballots in Colorado: Brian Maass
The Left Admires Kyle Jurek: Rair Foundation

Special Operations Surveillance Aircraft Circling Richmond: Herschel Smith
President Trump Official Response to Senate Trial Notification: CTH
Crowd stomps on Baltimore police officer during attempted arrest: Dominick Mastrangelo

Scandal Central

Rod Rosenstein admits to leaking texts between Peter Strzok, Lisa Page: Mary Kay Linge
Two deceptions at the heart of Democrats' impeachment brief: Byron York
Attkisson names names in refiled lawsuit over govt. computer intrusions: Mark J. Fitzgibbons

FBI Interview Notes With Page And Papadopoulos Are Released: Chuck Ross
Supreme Court “Faithless Electors” case has potential to destabilize 2020 election result: LI
DOJ Filing: Rod Rosenstein Admits to Authorizing Release of Page-Strzok Text Messages: CTH


Trump Rips Fake News CNN’s Jim Acosta for trying to disrupt Oval Office conference: Jarrett
Hulu announces Hillary Clinton documentary no one asked for: Becket Adams
Alan Dershowitz Says He Is On The Side Of The Constitution When Defending President Trump: OAN

Scenes From Virginia’s Capital: Militarized Police Arrive in Richmond: National File
Trump Birthday present to Michelle Obama: Your school lunch program is fired!: LI
Bernie Sanders backed a party that supported Iran during hostage crisis: JPost


Why Laws Against Hate Speech Are Dangerous: Fjordman
Wow: Puerto Rico Governor Fires Emergency Director After Huge Warehouse of Unused Aid Discovered: CTH
Sadiq Khan: Nothing keeps me up at night more than knife crime: Helen William, PA

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

FBI Seizes Website Suspected Of Selling Access To Billions Of Pieces Of Stolen Data: Breaking911
Earth's Climate History: What the Doomsayers Don't Want Voters to Know: John Eidson
Bolsonaro's Brazil Announces Chinese-Built $100 Million Base in Antarctica: Ben Kew


USS Doris Miller: Navy to name new $13bn aircraft carrier after black Pearl Harbor hero: DailyMail
A Walk on the Riled Side: Stilton’s Place
If Donald Trump Had a Dog…: MOTUS



Anonymous said...

DJT needs to go big and announce he'll be flying into Richmond in the morning. The SS should be able to keep the froggy FBI snipers at bay as they hold Northam down so Trump can shave his head. The Donald is the only one with a better Loop.

Anonymous said...

You know, they can call on Lon Horiuchi, Greg Bretzing and the ghost of Janet Reno but in the end what they do will be exposed to the light of day.
That any American would hold another in his sights is a reproach.
"Let freedom ring" MLK.