Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: FISA Court Selects Lawyer Who Vehemently Denied FBI Misled FISA To... Lead FBI Reforms

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FISA Court Names Lawyer Who Denied FISA Abuse to Lead FBI Reforms: Jonathan Turley
IG Report: Did FBI And DOJ Ask Putin’s Buddy To Help Get Trump?: Margot Cleveland
Carter Page Says FBI’s SpyGate is ‘ just the tip of the iceberg’: Sara Carter

Stupidity: There aren't votes to dismiss Pelosi’s bogus articles of impeachment: Jordain Carney
Courting Disaster? Dems Demand Witnesses With One Big Exception: Jonathan Turley
Devin Nunes Reacts to Appointment of Sketchy FISA Court Advisor David Kris: CTH

'I thought a woman could win; he disagreed': Warren-Bernie feud escalates: Alex Thompson
Weak showing for Bloomberg rally with Judge Judy despite big spending: Spencer Neale
Waiting on Pelosi: Senate plans to start trial next week are only tentative: Susan Ferrechio

Democrats Always Choose America’s Enemies Over America: Kurt Schlichter
What 1,602 Miles Teaches about Guns: Howard Sachs
6 Mexican nationals plead guilty to federal charges after $1.7M in meth seized in Atlanta: AMN


Tents, Homelessness, and Misery: 9 Things I Saw in San Francisco: Katrina Trinko
Trump expected to claim victory in the China trade war, for now: Sean Higgins
Recent Press Coverage 93% Negative, 75% on Impeachment, 9 Minutes to Economy: Hannity

Scandal Central

Former Treasury Official Pleads Guilty To Leaking Records of Cohen, Manafort, Gates, Butina, etc.: CTH
Yale Psychiatrist Issues Diagnosis of "Psychotic" for Defending Constitutional Rights: Alan M. Dershowitz
Barr and Wray agree: Investigations into presidential campaigns must be approved: Jerry Dunleavy


#RefundWarren: The sudden war between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, explained: JD Rucker
LSU Coach Ed Orgeron Gives Props To Trump After College Football Championship Win: Amber Athey
Duping Americans on Sharia: Raymond Ibrahim


Sen. Tom Cotton: threat of future Soleimani attacks looks different to soldiers than politicians: Charles Creitz
Iran-US: Advantage Trump: Alain Destexhe
Are the Mullahs Now Facing a Similar Tipping Point to the One That Brought Them to Power?: Nick Arama

AG Bill Barr: Pensacola Shooter Was Motivated by Jihadist Ideology: Melanie Arter
'No choice': European countries move to hold Iran accountable for violating nuclear deal: Caitlin Yilek
Iran makes arrests over accidental downing of Ukrainian passenger plane that killed 176: Jez Fielder

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Galapagos giant tortoise has so much sex he retires after saving his species: Julia Jacobo
Google says new AI models allow for ‘nearly instantaneous’ weather forecasts: James Vincent
Review: 25 MPH full-suspension Emove Touring electric scooter (Discount code!): Micah Toll


CNN Reporter Informs Iranian Protesters They're Supposed To Be Shouting 'Death To America': Babylon Bee
Smudge The Cat... Still Memeing…: Feral Irishman
Castle Wrecker: PCP



commoncents said...

PROJECT VERITAS #Expose2020: Sanders Campaign Part 1; Field Organizer "F**king Cities Burn" if Trump Re-Elected - VIDEO


Anonymous said...

The picture on Drudge of Nance flanked by Shiff and followed by a large black man - remember him? He looks like the one they called the "mysterious handler" who was on stage with Hillary, and followed her around with Epi Pens.
The only physical issues I see Pelosi having are (honestly) the size of her breasts. When she's on the prowl she wears the ginormous ones.

Anonymous said...

What are Burr and Wray thinking if they believe that requiring the FBI and the Attorney General to sign off on a piece of paper before a future COUNTERINTELLIGENCE INVESTIGATION on a Presidential candidate can be conducted...when the ONLY such investigation ever conducted in the USA was led by the CIA and FBI Director (with possible participation by tObama and his Attorney General)?