Saturday, January 18, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: The War For The Democratic Party Will Destroy Lives And Change Our Country

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War In the Democrat Party Will Destroy Lives, Change Our Country: Christopher Bedford
Trump Administration Ushered in an Age of Truth Over Decorum: Michael Dorstewitz
The Insanely Expensive Promises of Bernie Sanders: Dan Mitchell

It’s a Trap!: Cold Fury
Virginia State Democrats Launch Into An Anti-Gun Law Frenzy: Madeline Osburn
Virginia 2nd Amend. Activists Make Last-Ditch Effort To Avoid Ugly Clash: Jared Harris

California Now Pushing Free Health Care for Illegal Immigrant Seniors: Jarrett Stepman
What Would It Take To Recall Governor Ralph Northam?: Cam Edwards
Should 2020 Democrats recuse themselves from impeachment trial?: Fox


Consumer Confidence Hit Highest Level in 19 Years: Ace
Booming: Housing Starts Jump 16.9% in December, 1.6 Million Units: CTH
National Association of Manufacturers: President Trump Made Promises, Kept Them: CTH

Scandal Central

‘Ethical’ James Comey Is Under Criminal Investigation, says NYT: M. Dowling
Chaff and Countermeasures? – Timed During Impeachment, Another Report of Comey Under Investigation: CTH
Ilhan Omar is finally getting the scrutiny she deserves for possible illegal acts: Andrea Widburg

Flynn Withdraws From Plea Agreement: Thread: Gigi Sims
Sidney Powell Interview With Larry O’Connor: “We Have a Witness To The Original Flynn 302″: CTH
CNN’s bias is now beyond laughable: David Harsanyi


NBC Agitates for the Last Step Before Violent Civil War: Voting for Trump Is Illegal!: Ace
Lefty News Site Pushes Bizarre Claim Anne Frank Didn’t Die ‘From’ Concentration Camp: Alex Griswold
Meet The WV Lawmaker Talking About Annexing VA’s 2A Sanctuary Counties: Cam Edwards

President Trump Notes DNC Establishment Targeting Bernie Again: CTH
Horowitz: Trump-Backed GOP Governors Betray Immigration Agenda: Robert Kraychik
'Take your letter and shove it': Ted Lieu fires scathing letter in response to Nunes threat: Zachary Halaschak

GoFundMe for Target manager who was harassed by a blue-check journo raises over $4000: Twitchy
Armed Citizen Shoots And Kills Suspect Who Ambushed And Shot State Trooper On Highway: Brandon Curtis
President Trump Celebrates National Champion LSU Tigers at White House – Video and Transcript: CTH


Iranian crown prince and heir to the throne: Tehran regime on the brink of collapse: Pamela Geller
550 pound ISIS loser “lliterally looks like the world's biggest chicken… Good luck hanging him, Iraq.": Ace
Is Iran Headed for Regime Change?: James Carafano

Sweden: Huge explosion rocks Stockholm, PM denies ties between mass migration and spike in crime: JihadWatch
Sweden: Infidel teachers wear niqab to protest burqa ban: JihadWatch
More Than 120 Members of Congress Issue Letters of Support to Leading Anti-Israel Group: Adam Kredo

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Climate Kidz case scuttled by 9th Circuit Court: Anthony Watts
Appeasement: The Root Cause of the Australian Mega-Fires: Charles Rotter
FBI Says State Actors Hacked US Govt Network With Pulse VPN Flaw: Sergiu Gatlan


Caterday Preppy Edition: MOTUS
The Fine Print: A.F. Branco
Op-Ed: We Can No Longer Tolerate A System Where The Rich Get Richer And The Poor Also Get Richer: Bee



Anonymous said...

Virginia Preachers should be telling their congregants to go to Richmond Monday and occupy the land that belongs to them, or wear the chains they made for themselves.
Take the young, Liberty is God's idea after all and nothing feels as good as being free.

Anonymous said...

Yep, this is a pro life fight. Preachers need to get out in the lead as they did before the Revolutionary War, or they can stay at home as the Panty Waisted Poofters they are.
Go big, there is no such thing as a division between Church and State, Governor black face can go to that warmer subterranean clime where all his friends are.

Anonymous said...

And Black men and women who built the Virginia State Capitol and Governor's Mansion have a stake in being there, all of them.
It's a day to remember the birth of their State from a Colony - not the start of a State created by their Masters who know best how they should live. Live free or die.