Friday, January 24, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Laura Ingraham shows emails tying alleged Ukraine whistleblower to Obama WH meeting on Burisma

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Emails tie alleged Ukraine whistleblower to Obama WH meeting on Burisma: Daniel Chaitin
NYT Killed Story on WH Meeting on Burisma: Debra Heine
DOJ Admits Two FISA Applications Invalid; Court Seeks Consequences: CTH

Zeldin Debunks Schiff Claim Ukraine 2016 Interference a “Conspiracy Theory”: CTH
Jordan: “Schiff’s ‘Abuse of Power’ is What The Founders Called ‘Separation of Power'”: CTH
Stefanik: Improperly Constructed House Articles No Excuse for New Witnesses: CTH

Nadler’s Folly: Matthew Continetti
As The Impeachment Trial Begins, Democrats Are Losing Their Minds: John Daniel Davidson
Hillary: We Need Full Control Of Media To ‘Influence Americans’ Thinking’: Federalist

Doing Damage Control After Richmond: Herschel Smith
Virginia Dems Want to Make Criticism of Government Officials a Criminal Offense: BLP
Inside Mosques: Pensacola, Florida Mosques Rated “Extremely Dangerous’: Dave Gaubatz


Democratic professors outnumber Republican ones by 9 to 1 ratio, according to new data: Christian Schneider
Trump’s Blind Spot on Immigration: Mark Krikorian
Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Interview During Davos World Economic Forum: CTH

Scandal Central

DOJ Determines 2 FISA Spy Warrants on Trump Campaign Adviser Were “Not Valid”: Jeff Carlson
Grassley Letter Asks Whether Taxpayers Paid Russian Agent To Help Start The Collusion Hoax: Margot Cleveland
Biden Ordered To Appear In Paternity Action On Threat Of Contempt: Jonathan Turley


George Stephanopoulos Caught on Camera Telling ABC Studio to Cut-Off Trump Defense Attorney: CTH
Larry David Goes MAGA: Kyle Smith
Ghislaine Maxwell's personal emails were hacked and could be leaked: DailyMail


Leaked Intelligence Report: 150 French Neighborhoods 'Held' By Islamists: Chris Tomlinson
Sweden and its Welfare State in Crisis: Nima Gholam Ali Pour
150 Holocaust Scholars Protest Palestinian Threat Against Yad Vashem: Wyman Institute

Trump’s Beltway Critics Failed in Afghanistan: Julie Kelly
Washington Protest at Brazilian Embassy over Greenwald: Consortium News
Is This Objectively Disgusting Soup What’s Causing China’s Disease Outbreak?: Shelby Talcott

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Hong Kong leader 'cautiously confident' city will get through coronavirus: Rebecca Klar
Coronavirus Cases Rise Globally – First U.S. Cases Detected: CTH
Possible Case of Chinese Coronavirus Reaches Mexican Border City, Says AMLO: Breitbart

China rapidly locks down 4 new cities over deadly coronavirus – more people than Florida: Ryan Morgan
What I learned from my SARS quarantine — we’re screwed if it happens again: Matt Gurney
Lab-Made Coronavirus Triggers Debate: Jef Akst (2015)


Onward Over Yonder Cliff...: Diogenes
Rooster kills man on way to cockfight: Tim Pearce
Making Hiss-tory: Stilton’s Place


1 comment:

The Gipper Lives said...

It seems they have given up on conviction and even on beating the President in 2020. They are really focused on

a.) shaking loose the Mueller grand jury material, hence Schiff’s "MUH RUSSIA!"-remarks.

b.) taking the Senate, hence Nadler’s attack on senators for a ‘cover-up’. and

c.) building a counter-narrative to massive criminality of Ukraine and Spy-Gate, aka; The Leavenworth Option.

John Brennan was wiretapping Donald Trump since 2012–but the Bidens are above investigation? Democrat, please.

I’m going to keep on asking this question ’til somebody gives me an answer:

What is the non-corrupt way in which Hunter Biden can rake in millions from the regimes that Joe Biden is giving billions to?