Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Joe Biden’s Brother Bagged $54,000,000 in Taxpayer Loans

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Joe Biden’s Brother Bagged $54,000,000 in Taxpayer Loans: Haris Alic
The Senate impeachment trial is all about November: Charles Lipson
What was Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision of a great nation?: Scott Rasmussen

Virginians Call For Northam’s Removal, Thousands Protest New Gun Control Measures: OAN
Democrats Say Rally Won’t Impact Their Plans For Gun Control Legislation: Herschel Smith
WI governor announces red-flag bill, may want mandatory gun buybacks: Patrick Marley

Democrats Are Impeaching Trump Because They Can’t Beat Him: EIB
The Senate Impeachment Trial: 8 Things You Need to Know: Thomas Jipping
Did You Know Senators Can’t Campaign During an Impeachment Trial?: EIB (10/19)

Bernie Sanders Says He Might Tear Down Existing U.S/Mexico Border Wall: CTH
President Trump Adds MAGAnificent Seven to Impeachment Defense Team: CTH
Mitch McConnell Presents Draft Senate Rules Resolution: CTH


San Francisco homeless crisis is a sad and terrible thing to see: Maria Bartiromo
'We Did It': Donald Trump Celebrates Trade Deal Victories with Farmers: Charlie Spiering
President Trump and Emmanuel From France Discuss Tariffs: CTH

Scandal Central

John Durham Criminal Probe Gathers Steam Investigating Post Election Docs: Sara Carter
Rudy Giuliani Responds to Media Claims by Lev Parnas: CTH
CNN Uncovers an Epstein Crime They Can’t Abide: EIB


Virginia Second Amendment rally proves the media hate gun owners: Timothy P. Carney
Virginia 2A: Black Guy Waving Trump Flag, 'I Am Gov. Ralph Northam and I Am in Blackface Today': Vodkapundit
Media Predicted Carnage Fail – Virginia Lobby Day Second Amendment Rally Peaceful: CTH


Islamists Find an Excuse to Run Rampant in India: Tarek Fatah
The left's bid to smear Trump over Puerto Rico aid now looks skeezier than ever: Monica Showalter
Ukrainians React to Iran’s Admission of Guilt in Shooting Down Airliner: Nolan Peterson

UFO Video - UFO Sighting - Truth About the Navy's UFO Videos: PopMech
Imam Tawhidi: Trudeau Is Having Difficulty Designating Terrorists: TOI
Iranian MP offers $3 million reward for 'whoever kills Trump': ISNA: Parisa Hafezi

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Human Coronavirus Outbreak In Wuhan May Be Deadlier Than China Is Saying: Foreign Policy
YouTube Pulls Breitbart and WUSA9 Livestreams of Virginia Gun Rally: Lionel du Cane
The Tractor Backlash: Eric Peters Autos


UFC Champion Conor McGregor: Trump ‘Phenomenal President’, Possibly ‘Greatest Of All Time’: Ryan Saavedra
Babylon Bee Endorses Lady Who Screamed At Sky During Trump Inauguration For Democratic Primary: Babylon Bee
Anti-Gun Advocates: Dilbert



Anonymous said...

democrats support abortion and infanticide so why would they be bothered by starving some brownies to death?

The Gipper Lives said...

If CIA Charlie’s testimony has been overtaken by events as Democrats claim, then he doesn’t need his phony “Whistleblower”-status anymore, does he? You can’t have it both ways. Charlie can tell us how he conspired with Michael Atkison, Mary McCord, Vindman and Schiff to frame the President–yet again. I'm sure they'll want to testify to clear this up.

And then let’s hear from former FBI Washington Bureau Chief, CrowdStrike’s Shawn Henry. He can tell us all about the DNC’s server, about Ukrainian corruption and, just for fun, how he and Rod Rodentstain broke into CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson’s computer.

I’m still waiting to hear this explanation: What is the non-corrupt way in which Hunter Biden can receive millions from these regimes while his father is handing out billions in cash and policy to them? I don’t see one–do you?

Ambassador Yovonovitch said she was coached by State Dept. officials on how to sugar-coat the Bidens’ graft. That means one of two things: either the State Department ruled it was legal or they knew it was crooked and looked the other way. We should hear from that official.

Then we should hear from the Southern District of New York. They can tell us why their Democrat prosecutors get to abuse the legal system to pressure others into phony charges aimed at their political enemy, the President. This is the very thing the President is falsely accused of doing.

And as our final witness, since these fraudulent Bill of Attainder-charges allege the abuse of presidential power by using foreign governments to rig an election, we must call America's #1 expert in the field: Barack Hussein Obama.

If we’re going to have witnesses, then let’s name all the babies. Hunter does.

Anonymous said...

One must ask the question as to why Democrats are in such an unreasonable rush to step on American Freedoms and embrace lies.
I had an interesting contact with a higher level source who connected these dots and it began with Chinese infiltration of our immigration system... to the several hundred thousand Chinese introduced into Virginia... to the source of Bloombergs floods of cash and his keen interest in subverting the Constitution... to the Official exclamations of the Chinese that our gun laws be overturned... to these Trade wars... and Northam's ejaculatory declarations against the people of his own State as though there was an immediate need to kill off the opposition.
As we look at the pit Democrats are digging for themselves it's proper to be reminded that a slice of the pen turns Democrat reason into what it is, treason.

Anonymous said...

and Bloomberg's Chinese influence peddling now extends to his learned opinions on Trumps trial. Michael is not even worthy to carry Trumps shoes.