Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Why not a single Republican is poised to vote to convict Trump

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Trump Hat 2020 Camo MAGA Hat
Why not a single Republican is poised to vote to convict Trump: David M. Drucker
New report suggests Schiff lied about Parnas evidence…: Scoop
The Many Lies Of Adam Schiff: GOP

De-escalate This, Governor Jolson Klanrobe: Kurt Schlichter
The NRA Wants To Compromise In Virginia: Herschel Smith
VA Sheriffs show up and join VA gun rights rally (Photos): AMN

White House Lawyers Eviscerate That Irritating Little Pencil Neck Creep: EIB
The Senate Exists For Moments Like This: CTH
First Schumer Rules Amendment To Rectify Inherent Impeachment Flaws Defeated: CTH

Education Choice Could Shift the Black Vote: Star Parker
Alexandria Donkey-Chompers: Dem Party "Center-Conservative;": Ace
Sanders’ Colorado Supporters Warn Other Dems: ‘Your Days Are Over’: Hank Berrien

In Trump impeachment trial, Democrats continue inflammatory accusations with no basis in fact: Gregg Jarrett
Sekulow: ‘Not The First Time Mr. Schiff Has Put Words Into Transcripts That Did Not Exist’: Nick Kangadis
Senate sets impeachment trial rules that postpone vote on witnesses: Susan Ferrechio


Illinois pensions 101: Paltry contributions yield million-dollar payouts: Adam Schuster
Trump Admin. Unveils Plan To Battle ‘Birth Tourism’: OAN
Diversity and Inclusion Insanity: Walter E. Williams

Scandal Central

The FBI Scandal: Eli Lake
Washington Has a Dangerous Obsession With Secret Courts: Mytheos Holt
Breaking Bombshell: Warren’s Son-in-Law Produced Film Funded by Iran: Kristina Wong


Comey (and the Media’s) Coverup Unravels: Gregg Jarrett
Schiff Really, Really, Really Doesn’t Want Hunter Biden Testimony: Twitchy
Supreme Sore Loser Hillary Clinton Brutally Bashes Bernie Sanders in New Documentary: Steve Straub


Transcript of President Trump Remarks – World Economic Forum, Davos, 2020: CTH
'I’d get up today and do it again': CIA interrogator defends waterboarding in 9/11 trial hearing: Jerry Dunleavy
Trump at Davos: 'We Will Never Let Socialists Destroy Our Economy or Wreck Our Country': Hannity

Puerto Rico’s Secretary of State confirms that there are even more warehouses full of unused aid: Twitchy
Deceit and the Burden of Proof: Raymond Ibrahim
Muslim cleric: “By means of caliphate…your conquest, oh Rome, is a matter of certainty!”: Robert Spencer

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

National Weather Service issues alert for falling iguanas: Justine Coleman
Blockchain Used by Budweiser Owner InBev to Help African Farmers: Andrey Shevchenko
Elaborate Honeypot 'Factory' Network Hit with Ransomware, RAT, and Cryptojacking: Dark Reading


Sling Along With Mitch: Stilton’s Place
Crack in the Universe: MOTUS
Celebrity Vajayjay Candles (NSFW): Earl of Taint



Bucky said...

Or for no reason, as now.

The Gipper Lives said...

You weren’t supposed to notice.

You weren’t supposed to notice that Hillary Clinton was running a world-wide Bribery Empire out of the State Department and the Clinton Foundation.

You weren’t supposed to notice that Barack Obama was committing treason with Iran by giving them billions of dollars, uranium, anti-aircraft systems and permission to build missiles.

You weren’t supposed to notice that somewhere along the line, the FBI, CIA and DOJ morphed into the Democrats’ Secret Police Force.

You weren’t supposed to notice that too many lawmakers were working for China, Inc., and not their American constituents.

And you weren’t supposed to notice that regimes around the world were paying off Joe Biden through his son.

You weren’t supposed to notice. But that’s exactly what Donald Trump did. He noticed. And worse, he said it out loud. That’s unforgivable.

He spoke truth to power in a town where no one speaks truth to power. As Solzhenitsyn put it, “In our country, the lie has become not just a moral category but a pillar of the State.”

Donald J. Trump is the kid who said the Emperor has no clothes.

Of course they had to crucify him. He’s the Only Honest Man in Sewer City.

And he’s going to win.

commoncents said...

Fox Business News: Exclusive: Trump speaks to Maria Bartiromo amid Senate impeachment trial - VIDEO