Monday, January 06, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Rep. John Ratcliffe Discusses Fraudulent Impeachment and Spygate

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Trump 2020 Keep America Great Campaign Hat
Rep. John Ratcliffe Discusses Fraudulent Impeachment and Spygate: CTH
It's the 'Sleeper Cells' Hiding in Congress Posing the Most Danger: Judi McLeod
Trump Blasts The Three Stooges Of Jew-Hatred: Jeff Dunetz

Rep. Doug Collins Discusses Speaker Pelosi’s “Stalled” Impeachment Strategy: CTH
Graham gives Pelosi ultimatum, proposes rule change to move on with impeachment process: Ronn Blitzer
Kevin McCarthy: Nancy Pelosi wants to add a third article of impeachment: Sara Carter

Virginians: This Is What Your Rulers Think Of You: Herschel Smith
When will American Jewry wake up?: Caroline Glick
Watchdog Group Tells 5 States of Millions of Extra Voter Registrations: Matthew Vadum


Maxine Waters Gets Punked by Prankster Pretending To Be Greta Thunberg: Shifra
Navarro Outlines Process for Senate Ratification of USMCA: Grassley Mark-up Next Week: CTH
U.K. Examines if Cyberattack Triggered London Stock Exchange Outage: WSJ

Scandal Central

Photos: Top 10 atrocities from the now-vaunted Soleimani: Monica Showalter
Pro-crime Democrats call for and act on abolishment of cash bail: John Ruberry
Photos of Jeffrey Epstein Released Following His Death and Autopsy: GWP


2019 Men of the Year: The American Troops: WFB
Sunday Talks: Secretary Mike Pompeo -vs- The Media: CTH
Born in Mexico, this new American is voting for Donald Trump: Nic Garcia

The New York Times scares its readers about Dennis Prager: Andrea Widburg
McCrory: Democrats' Attacks on Trump ‘Could Almost Be Speaking Points for the Iranian Regime’: Pam Key
Anti-Gun Hollywood Steps Up Armed Protection for Golden Globes: AWR Hawkins


Iran Puts $80M Bounty on Trump’s Head for Soleimani Hit Because They Can’t Afford $100M: Tyler O’Neil
US Versus Iranian Military Might: Clarion
1 US service member, 2 DOD contractors killed in terror attack on US base in Kenya: ABC

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Depression Steals Your Soul and Then it Takes Your Friends: Vice
Marijuana Is More Dangerous Than You Think: Alex Berenson
Kohler debuts new showerhead powered by Amazon's smart assistant: DailyMail


Ricky Gervais Opens Golden Globes By Telling Woke Hollywood To Skip The Lectures: Greg Evans
Nike: An Anti-American Company: John Hinderaker
It's #2020 and I need to get a few things off my chest about Trump…: Liberty Speaks


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