Wednesday, April 12, 2017

CRICKETS: Proof That Obama Spied on Trump -- Vindicating Mark Levin -- Curiously Ignored by Vintage Media

By Nate Madden

Almost six weeks ago this Thursday, Mark Levin began asking questions about the Obama administration’s alleged surveillance of the Trump campaign and/or transition team. Now, there’s absolutely no question it occurred.

On his Wednesday evening radio show, the Conservative Review editor-in-chief took the “praetorian guard” media to task for their “cover up” coverage of the Obama surveillance scandal, following a bombshell Tuesday revelation from the Washington Post that the Obama administration obtained a FISA warrant last summer to snoop on former Trump adviser Carter Page.

The revelation puts a gratuitous amount of egg on the faces of reporters and media outlets who have done little more than try to downplay the scandal since it started over a month ago.


Earlier in the show segment, Levin mentioned by name CNN reporter Brian Stelter for his “thoroughly dishonest” attacks after the scandal initially began to make headlines weeks ago.

You can read Levin’s open letter to Stelter here.

There’s no longer any question that the Obama administration was spying on the Trump campaign. The question still remains, however, whether or not the media who have been running interference for the Obama administration over the past few weeks will own up to what they’ve done.

Read more at Conservative Review.

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Anonymous said...

And, what is being done about it? Is Obama being held accountable? Of course not. This double standard that is prevalent in the political class has to stop. Seeing lawbreakers, those that thumb their noses at ethics, at the rules the rest of us are FORCED to follow is what has caused millions of Americans to HATE politicians and dirty "bought and paid for" judges. Anyone that says, "Oh well, that's politics" should have their heads examined. Politicians, judges, etc., should be setting an example and following the law and our Constitution, not breaking them and more importantly IGNORING them as if they don't exist. As if they are somehow immune to consequences of any kind. The very wealthy have the same mindset. There should be absolutely, unconditionally NO EXCEPTIONS for those who break the law and commit unconstitutional and unlawful Acts. NONE. These people are criminals in the strictest sense of the word and should be punished accordingly, just as I or any other American would be. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. People are LIVID of the double standard that has been practiced for far, far too long. Hillary and Obama both should be behind bars. Comey should be gone and so should Koskinen. Get these criminals out of our lives and in prison where they belong.