Friday, April 21, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Confirmed: John Brennan Colluded With Foreign Spies to Defeat Trump

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Confirmed: John Brennan Colluded With Foreign Spies to Defeat Trump: George Neumayr
Bombshell: Comey used Buzzfeed fake dossier to create Trump-Russia collusion case: Duran
Report- Mike Pence Negotiated Amendment To Healthcare Act: WZ

How MS-13, One of America’s Most Dangerous Gangs, is Funded: FoxBiz
20,000-strong MS-13 gang's legacy of murder, drugs and human trafficking: DailyMail
Report: MS-13 terrorizing NY families into taking illegal minors: Chris Pandolfo

Democrats, Don’t You Ever Change: Kurt Schlichter
Crowd at DNC ‘Unity Tour’ Boos Tom Perez… Again: NTK
Trump to Announce ‘Tremendous Things’ for Veterans Health Care: Fred Lucas

Pence Shows Up At Mosque And Speaks His Mind: Sierra Marlee
NJ Supreme Court Justice Doesn’t Want Immigration Law Enforced: RWN
‘DREAMER’ Repeatedly Molested 7-Year-Old Girl In North Carolina: IACR


The Problem No One in DC Wants to Talk About: Jon Gabriel
Texas vs. California Update for April 20, 2017: BattleSwarm
U.S. Treasury’s Mnuchin Says Will Unveil Tax Reform Plan ‘Very Soon’: OAN

Scandal Central

FBI Used Bogus Trump Dossier To Get FISA Judge To Allow Spying On Team Trump: Jeff Dunetz
Antifa Terrorist Who Beat and Bloodied Trump Supporter With Bike Lock Identified as Professor: GWP
Landmark Legal seeks surveillance answers from FISA: Chris Pandolfo

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Taliban Decry Environmental Impact of U.S. MOAB Explosion: Bridget Johnson
Pruitt: EPA no longer about killing off coal: John Siciliano


Who’s Scarier, Kim Jong Un or Donald Trump?: John Hinderaker
O'Reilly not the left's real target: Rick Moran
MSNBC Firmly Condemns Trump for Referring to Paris Attack as Terrorism: Curtis Houck

"Security" is the New "Shut Up" (Again): Mark Steyn
NBC Fake Refugee FAIL: Faith Goldy
Journalism in the Doxing Era: Is Wikileaks Different from the New York Times?: Jack Goldsmith


First Transgender President: Trump Becomes Hillary: Fred
How North Korea gets its money: Georeen Tanner
GM Ceases Operation in Venezuela as Plant is Expropriated: Fox Business

PARIS: Islamic State claims responsibility after gunman kills police officer, wounds three others: BNI
Islamist Attacks on Holidays: Noah Beck
In Bid to Keep Citizens Safe, Germany Bans… Cayla the Talking Doll: Tammy Bruce

Euroland on Verge of Disintegration?: F. William Engdahl
Britain wants its guns back: Commentator
Maduro Arms Supporters, Having Confiscated Guns From Everyone Else: Dave Blount

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Kekulé Problem: Where did language come from?: Cormac McCarthy
School-issued devices allow the Feds to spy on everything students have ever done: MassPrivateI
The Most Controversial DNA Test You’ve Never Heard Of: Josie Wales


Anarchists: We gotta get better organized!: Sondrakistan
Here’s why Rush survived pressure on advertisers while O’Reilly didn’t: LI
Photos From An Awesome Evening At The White House: Sarah Palin

Image: Deadly Paris shooting could influence voters on eve of key French election
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QOTD: "Early on after the Times article I recognized that O’Reilly likely would not survive. The allegations were too serious, and the pressure tactics on advertisers were designed to work in just such a situation.

The use of organized attacks on advertisers will continue, and will be used against conservative personalities who are not accused of anything near what O’Reilly was accused of. There’s blood in the water now." --William A. Jacobson


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