Saturday, April 29, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Judge Orrick Has No Clue What an Executive Order Is

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Judge Orrick Has No Clue What an Executive Order Is: Andrew C. McCarthy
Judicial Watch: FBI got subpoenas from grand jury targeting Hillary Clinton: Ed Morrissey
Sanctuary city ruling sets standard for civil war: Fox On Air Videos

We're down to one branch of government: Bryan Fischer
Texas House Passes Bill to Jail 'Sanctuary' Sheriffs, Police Chiefs: Breitbart
Deep Corruption: Ex-Chicago schools chief sentenced to 4 ½ years in prison: Marathon

Good News: Trump’s Crackdown On Illegal Aliens Is Well Underway: RWN
Dems adopt new tactic for gun confiscation: Leo Hohmann
Adam Schiff (D-Hack) Admits: Still No Evidence of Russia-Trump Collusion: Jeff Dunetz

The Left's Culture of Contempt: Daniel Greenfield
The 10 Best Things About Trump’s First 100 Days in Office: John Hawkins
Do Liberals Show Anti-Trumpism Reflexively? Yes: RWN


Damn the Deficits, Huge Tax Cuts Ahead!: Peter Schiff
Illegal accused in $1.5 million food stamp scam cuts tracking bracelet, now on run: Victor Skinner

Scandal Central

Susan Rice’s Revealing Twitter Account: George Neumayr
Documents Tie Berkeley Riot Organizers To Pro-Pedophilia Group, NAMBLA: Peter Hasson
Obama's hidden Iran deal giveaway: Josh Meyer

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Ex-EPA employees find new gigs as Trump protesters: John Siciliano


Obama gloats: Let’s face it, ObamaCare is more popular than Trump is: Hot Air
Bikers for Trump Ready To Take A Stand Against Antifa Thugs: “Twinkle Toes and Butter Cups”: 100% Fed Up
Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers Working With ANTIFA Terrorist Group: GWP

Jake Tapper quotes member of Cherokee nation on Liz Warren: she ain't Cherokee: Twitchy
Sean Hannity Warns 'End of Fox News as We Know it' Amid Rumors of Another Shake-Up: GWP
A Controversial Post: Jon Gabriel


The Age of the Nuclear Basket Case: Steyn on Fox
Suspicious Iranian flights spotted in Syria ahead of missile strike: Times of Israel
North Korea test-fires ballistic missile in defiance of world pressure: Jack Kim and Michelle Nichols

Smokescreens in Islam: Confusing the Public about the Facts: Denis MacEoin
All 100 Senators Call for End to Anti-Israel Bias at UN: The Tower
Kim Jong-Un could send 'up to 500,000 women soldiers to the frontline' if war with US erupts: Sun

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

4 Misleading Things ISPs And The FCC Need To Stop Claiming About Net Neutrality: Kate Cox
The future of war? US marines test robots with machine guns and 'HyperSubs' to storm beaches: DailyMail
Elon Musk is building a robot army to work in Tesla's 'alien dreadnought' factory: Mirror


Obama NASA Muslim Outreach.: Chris Muir
100 days of Trump: Holding Fast When He Can, Negotiating When He Must: MOTUS
Tossed Word Salad: Sondrakistan

Image: North Korea test-fires ballistic missile in defiance of world pressure
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QOTD: "To press flunkies, Susan Rice casts her espionage as high-minded, national-security-based vigilance. But on her Twitter account she doesn’t bother to keep up that charade. That she would re-tweet the partisan hackery of E.J. Dionne indicates the depth of partisanship behind her espionage...

..The Democrats are at once proud of the spying and hesitant to know its details. Schiff, normally so talkative, has turned taciturn after seeing them, relying on his legal training to avoid difficult questions. That is easy enough to pull off since the media, composed almost entirely of Democrats, is reluctant to put him on the spot. They just nod, Andrea Mitchell-style, at his parsing and move on." --George Neumayr

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