Monday, April 17, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: The thin line separating Wellesley Editorial And Berkeley Street Fighting

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The thin line separating Wellesley Editorial And Berkeley Street Fighting: LI
Obama-era Surveillance Timeline: Sharyl Attkisson
"Grassroots" Protests Organized with Help From Podesta’s Center for American Progress: LI

Cleveland cops hunt for man who broadcast fatal shooting on Facebook Live: NYDN
Anonymous Vandal Calls for Beheading, Lynching of Berkeley College Republicans: HeatSt
Relax: Muslim Trucker Who Posted Jihad Material to be “Deradicalized”: Robert Spencer

Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren Very Sad Mitch McConnell Won’t Say Hello: Jeff Dunetz
The sordid case behind Jared Kushner's grudge against Chris Christie: Byron York
McCain: ‘I Hope’ Trump Succumbs to D.C. Establishment: Kathryn Blackhurst


Does America need a border wall with Mexico?: Dan Stein
March Jobs: Households and Companies Diverge: Diana Furchtgott-Roth
Experts Warn as Vermont Health Connect moves to shut down: Emma Lamberton

Scandal Central

British Role Confirmed in Trump Spying Scandal: Cliff Kincaid
Cops accused of hanging back from Berkeley Trump protests: DailyMail
While VA Boasted Of 20-Person Transgender Program, 100,000 Vets Lacked ‘Safe’ Care: DC


Stephanopoulos: Media Shouldn’t Give Air Time to Politicians Who Won’t 'Accept Reality’: Kristine Marsh
Putin and the MSM just learned a painful lesson ... Trump played them like a fiddle: Jordan Schachtel
NBC Announcer Calls US Flag and Air Force Flyover "Political" Stunt to be "Kept Out of Sports": GWP

NY Times Really Wants President Trump To Stop Being Mean To North Korea: RWN
Recall Hillary's Seance: Paul Mirengoff
2014: Thomas Friedman’s New York Times Colleagues Call Him an ‘Embarrassment': Algemeiner


Israel’s Amazing World Rankings : Israpundit
Turkey's Dictator President Wins Sweeping Powers in Cliffhanger Vote: Stratfor
Hundreds mourn bombing victims at Egypt church: Michael Edison Hayden

Obama and Hillary "Liberated" Libya from an "Evil" Dictator. Now It's Openly Trading Slaves: Carey Wedler
Who Will Talk About Iran’s War Crimes in Syria?: Benjamin T. Decker
Kim's plan to kidnap Western tourists from South Korea to hold as hostages: DailyMail

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Facebook's Instant Articles promised to transform journalism — but now big publishers are fleeing: Casey Newton
Massive spider with 'red fangs' discovered in Mexican cave : Mark Molloy
Why AI will both increase efficiency and create jobs: Sarah K. White


Robert Goodwin Sr. Gofundme page set up: FAM
Meet Billions' Asia Kate Dillon, TV's First Non-Binary Star: Carolyn L. Todd
Adidas’s Secret Weapon In The Sneaker Wars: Fastcodesign

Image: Pence tells North Korea not to test American resolve, offering Syria and Afghanistan strikes as examples
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QOTD: "The president and his military team are aware of North Korea’s most recent unsuccessful missile launch. The president has no further comment." --Gen. James R. Mattis

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