Sunday, April 16, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Lois Lerner demands secrecy in Tea Party targeting lawsuit testimony

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Lois Lerner demands secrecy in tea party targeting lawsuit testimony: Rick Moran
Four Teens Murdered and Dismembered by Illegal Alien MS-13 Crime Gang: RWN
Draining The Swamp – A Small Beginning: Shorty Dawkins

Large Group Of Masked Antifa Cowards Take On Trump Supporters In Berkeley: Fed Up
Trump supporter beaten with skateboard by agitators at Berkeley rally: Olaf Ekberg
16 arrested as hundreds clash at Berkeley rally: Paige St. John

Turkey Is Investigating Chuck Schumer, Ex-CIA Director John Brennan: Chuck Ross
Here’s Why You Never Saw the Dead Photos of bin Laden: Tiffiny Ruegner
Can Maxine Waters Even Spell Impeachment?: Daniel Greenfield

The CIA’s Hacking Ability: C. Mitchell Shaw
American Resurrection: David Prentice
A landmark guns bill: Carter Sherman

Scandal Central

Obama’s Chaos Strategy: The Case of the IRS IED: AG
An Island of Child Sex Traffickers After Years of Clinton’s Rescue Operation: Sara Noble
Maxine Waters’ Latest Scandal to the Tune of Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars: Sara Noble


Chatting With Fish About Water: JOM
Tucker Carlson: MS-13 is ‘greater threat’ to Americans than ISIS … and it’s Obama’s fault: Tom Tillison
Gutfeld delivers the Mother of All Segments: Retort

First Lady Melania Trump’s Visit to Home for Abused Girls Goes Unreported: GWP
Happy Easter: Say, Were Trump Voters Tricked By Satan Or Something?: RWN
Omnivores on the right: Epigone


Barack Obama and Angela Merkel Plan Globalist Reunion at Brandenburg Gate: Charlie Spiering
North Korea’s embarrassing missile launch failure may have been caused by US cyber attack: The Sun
Seville Good Friday stampede caused by thugs shouting 'Allah is great': DailyMail

Ghor province, Afghanistan: Three honor killings in the last three weeks: Christine Williams
Syria: Watching the Jordanian Border. America’s Military Buildup: Tony Cartalucci
Trump did not flip-flop on NATO: He just wants deadbeat members to pay fair share: Samantha Chang

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

New global map of Earth at night: EarthSky
How to Not Waste Data When Using Your Phone as a Hotspot: David Nield
US Air Force Successfully Trials Autonomous F-16s in Combat Situations: Merkle


Easter 2017: MOTUS
The Week That Perished: Takimag
Firstfruits: He is Risen!: C Liberty C

Image: Trump fans and foes clash in Berkeley, sparking violence, multiple arrests
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QOTD: "This president understands that diplomacy without force behind it is nothing" --Dr. Sebastian Gorka

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