Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Mark Levin: 'Build the Damn Wall' — 'It's Time to Roll Schumer'

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Mark Levin: 'Build the Damn Wall' — 'It's Time to Roll Schumer': Pam Key
Looks Like Trump Is Caving on Funding the Wall: EIB
Judge Who Blocked Trump Sanctuary City Order Bundled $200K for Obama: FNI

Ted Cruz Wants $14 Billion Seized from ‘El Chapo’ to Fund Border Wall: RWN
First 100 Days: Trump Acts, Congress Missing in Action: Says FAIR
Gohmert on First 100 Days: Trump’s Big Mistake Was Trusting Congress: Dan Riehl

Leftist Agitators Target Conservative Thinkers: Jim Stinson
Obama Vows To Continue Community-Organizing America: Matthew Vadum
After his billionaire vacay, Obama cashes in at the speech trough: AT

Islamic State Seeking to 'Radicalize' Latin American Street Gangs: Edwin Mora
Border rancher: Illegal crossings down 90% since Trump became president: Mirror
Federal judge blocks Trump's sanctuary cities executive order: Kelly Cohen


Suicidal Republicans Set For Full Capitulation In April Budget Fight: Josh Hammer
Tax slash: Trump holding firm on dramatic cut to corporate rate: Ed Morrissey
Illinois takes bigger piece of businesses’ profits than all neighboring states: Cole Lauterbach

Scandal Central

Obama Lied, Americans Died: Released Iranians Tied to Terror, Nuclear Proliferation: Adelle Nazarian
More Obama Lies About The Iran Nuclear Deal Exposed: Katie Pavlich
Mark Levin: New Info Shows Obama Lied About Iran Deal: Tim Hains

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Trump Continues Gutting The Climate Church Of The EPA: Brent Smith


New Fairy Tale Book: Communism for Kids: Tammy Bruce
NYT Reporter: Pressers More ‘Democratic’ Under Trump Than Obama: Shifra
Once more, the media lied to me: GayPat


The real culprits behind the human waves of migrants: Monica Showalter
Mexico says vehicle carrying radioactive material stolen: Telegraph
We remember Bobby Estalella (1911-1991): Silvio Canto Jr.

World War 3 Kim Jong-un: North Korea conducts 'largest firing drill ever': Express
Lefty French Mayor Calls Le Pen Supporting Residents 'A***holes', Quits: Breitbart
The Cannibals of North Korea: Max Fisher (2013)

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

NSA Blimp Spied in the United States: Ryan Gallagher
Heavy rain won't lessen Calif. wildfires – it will fuel them: Michelle Robertson
Verizon just announced a prepaid unlimited data plan for $80: Trevor Mogg


At Some Point, You’ve Done Enough Damage. At That Point Just Shut-Up.: MOTUS
After losing 2016 election, Democrats are defecting to Communist Party USA: Fellowship
Plot Behind Bundy Ranch Showdown Thickens: Godfather

Image: NSA Blimp Spied in the United States
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shaughand said...

Everything I wanted out of a TRUMP presidency.....I got in the first 24 Hours. Watching Rachal Maddow and the rest of the leftest media thugs melt down was enough for me. If he doesn't do another thing for the netire eight years he is in will have been worth it.