Saturday, April 15, 2017

Same Leftists Who Spent a Century Eroding the Constitution Suddenly Worried About Preserving the Constitution

By Chris Pandolfo

Conservative Review Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin wants you to be aware that the Left is starting to notice the headway conservatives are making toward an Article V Convention of States to amend the Constitution. And liberals are fighting back with lies to block any chance of it.

Earlier this week, Levin addressed a Huffington Post article by Fred Wertheimer, titled “The Battle to Preserve the Constitution,” that demagogues an Article V Convention of States as a “constitutional convention” where the Bill of Rights could be repealed … or some other such nonsense. The reality is the Left fears any changes to the Constitution that would rein in the massive federal government, and obstruct its agenda.

“We know the Left wants to leave things as they are because the Left wins,” Levin said. “The federal government represents their ideology.” But, as Levin discusses, there are some on the Right who are spreading misinformation about an Article V convention as well. 


Levin notes the irony of leftists arguing to “preserve the Constitution.”

“The very forces that have undermined the Constitution, particularly on the Left. The very forces laugh at the Constitution, the very forces that call our founders and framers ‘slave owners’ and leave it at that. The very forces you saw represented on the Senate Judiciary Committee where one Democrat after another trashed our history, and trashed our founding, and trashed our heritage, and trashed our Constitution. Now the groups that are in alliance with them, they claim to be battling to preserve the Constitution!” Levin said.  

“[Liberals] have no intention of preserving the Constitution. They don’t even believe in the Constitution. They believe in a centralized, iron-fisted government with a massive bureaucracy to endlessly torment us!” he added.

The leftist assault on an Article V Convention of States will only grow from here. As always, it’s imperative for the Right to fight lies with facts.

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Anonymous said...

Leftism, now more often called progressive-ism, is existentially a rejection of the role of timeless principles in a person's worldview and thus must be entirely focused on the use of power to achieve the goal of remaking humanity. To a leftist, any fact, law or principle is only valid, useful and worthy of respect to the extent that it advances their agenda. Any issue, whether it be gun control, global warming, suffering children, or the environment is merely a tool towards that end. The instant that any tool becomes ineffective, it will be displaced by one that is.

It is not that leftists may stumble upon a valid concern or an issue that really should be addressed. But every issue, even a valid one is put forth far more to advance the leftist agenda than to correct and improve humanity.

When people start to see how this game is played, they can stop being unwitting victims of it. As a country and as a society the post-modern progressive ideology is nothing but evil in its intent, and will be nothing but disaster in its eventual outcome.

-- theBuckWheat