Tuesday, April 24, 2018

CENTERFOLD: The 50 Most Beautiful Democrats Thinking About Running for President

By The Ghost of Rip Repulski

After last week’s devastating news that The Hill is discontinuing its annual “50 Most Beautiful” list, we decided to honor the Democrats’ unprecedentedly large 2020 field with the “50 Most Beautiful Democrats Running For President.” But one quick note first:

For a party that still can’t find a positive or unifying message to run on, a brokered convention in 2020 would absolutely tear Democrats apart. It’s barely gotten any attention, but the convergence of three factors threatens to brew a not-so-perfect storm for Democrats – a contested convention:

Elimination of most or all superdelegates: The base, particularly Team Bernie, wants the DNC to eliminate or curb the roughly 700 party leaders who cast votes for the candidate of their choosing.

Highly proportional delegate allocation: Democrats universally allocate delegates in a proportional way based on election results. (With California moving up its primary to Super Tuesday, there’s a greater chance that several candidates will benefit from the most delegate-rich contest of the nominating process.)

Massive primary field

So while 2020 is still a long way away, Democrats have reason to worry about what’s shaping up to be the largest primary field ever, even if it’s not quite 50…

Editor's Note: Hawt. Read more at BadBlue Uncensored News.


Anonymous said...

Mentally challenged -- every one of them.

bill mckinley said...

3 of these idiots are from Virginia.All three are carpetbaggers from somewhere else.Virginia should be represented by Virginians.Also,Schumer should be in there.He spent so much on bad plastic surgery and hairline overhaul in the last year or so.I only hope the 'beautiful' moniker is meant to be ironic.For this crowd,it's painfully so.