Saturday, April 07, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Mark Levin hammers ‘rogue prosecutor’ Mueller who he says is investigating nothing

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Mark Levin hammers ‘rogue prosecutor’ Mueller who he says is investigating nothing: Scoop
Why the FBI Is Dodging Nunes: George Neumayr
DOJ invites senators and congressman to view Clinton investigation documents: CTH

Trump deploys National Guard to US-Mexico border Friday night: Anna Giaritelli
AG Sessions Announces ‘Zero Tolerance’ Policy For Border Enforcement: CTH
Trump begins killing 'catch and release' immigration policy: Diana Stancy Correll

They Take the Second Amendment First and the First Amendment Second: Schlichter
Citizen's Righteous Rant Defending 2nd Amendment Goes Viral: Debra Heine
Planned Parenthood's Degenerate 'Comprehensive Sex Education' Lessons: Megan Fox

What Is Robert Mueller looking for?: Judge Andrew Napolitano
OR Dem Governor Took Huge Soros Donation Just Before Refusal to Protect Border: GWP
Gun Rights Groups File Lawsuits Against Illinois Town Over New Gun Ban: Stephen Gutowski


Mexico's remittances reach record $26.9 billion in 2016: Fox
Who’s Afraid of Smoot-Hawley?: AmSpec
Once More Unto the Breach, Dear Larry, Once More: CTH

Scandal Central

John Brennan’s Contributions to Fraud Upon FISA Court: CTH
Facebook sent a doctor on a secret mission to ask hospitals to share patient data: Christina Farr
Judge: Massachusetts’ Ban On Assault Weapons Doesn’t Violate 2nd Amendment: WZ


Facebook penalizes pro-Trump Diamond & Silk: Deems duo ‘unsafe to the community’: Kyle Olson
Kevin Williamson, Thought Criminal: Jonah Goldberg
What the Firing of Kevin Williamson Says About American Media: Tom Knighton


Russian Tactical Nukes Are Real: U.S. Naval Institute
Russia’s nuclear strategy: Times
Mexican Senate Threatens to Stop Helping Fight Cartels If Trump Deploys Troops to Border: Breitbart

North Korea could nuke US as early as July, according to Britain's Ministry of Defense: Alexandra Ma
George Soros Funded Groups Are Supporting Illegal Immigrant Caravans: Luke Rohlfing
Muslim groups using lawfare to intimidate and extort Western industries: Creeping

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Sandberg: Facebook Users Would Have To Pay To Opt Out Of Sharing Data: ZH
Facebook able to remove Mark Zuckerberg's messages from other users' inboxes: CNBC
Amazon Unveils A "Voice Sniffer" Algo In New Patent: ZH


Elon Musk warns of a immortal robot dictator: DailyMail
Ex-FLOTUS Obama Mocks Trump With Bizarre Analogy About Eating Candy: Lookout
#FLOTUSFRIDAY – More White Privilege Edition: MOTUS

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