Monday, April 16, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: A Careful Reading of the IG Report Has Me Floored

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A Careful Reading of the IG Report Has Me Floored: NameRedacted7
Facts continue supporting Trump's decision to fire James Comey: Sharyl Attkisson
Loretta Lynch Releases Statement Slamming Comey Before Interview: Ryan Saavedra

Everybody’s Lying About the Link Between Gun Ownership and Homicide: BJ Campbell
DOJ takes sanctuary cities fight to next level. We want proof you're complying: Vivek Saxena
Puerto Rico a growing hub for cocaine, heroin shipments to the US: Anna Giaritelli

Broward School Violence: Cruz's Massacre Is Far From the Whole Story: Paul Sperry
Comey's Entire Family Supported Hillary For Pres., Wife 'Cried' On Election Day: InfLib
Starbucks feels the Trump Effect: Don Surber


Norquist: GOP to vote on tax cuts, guns this summer to pressure Democrats: Susan Ferrechio
Overheard on Acela: Teachers’ Union President Plots to Shut Puerto Rico Schools From First Class Car: WFB
Muslim cleric backing wife-beating, stoning, hate for non-Muslims speaks at St. John’s University: Geller

Scandal Central

How The Obama Justice Department Tried To Shut Down FBI's Hillary Investigation: Richard Pollock
Trump asks judge to block evidence seized in raid on Michael Cohen's apartment: Kyle Feldscher
Comey: President Obama and Loretta Lynch 'jeopardized' Hillary Clinton email investigation: Kyle Feldscher


James Comey calls Trump 'morally unfit' to be president in searing interview: Kyle Feldscher
Laura Ingraham Maintains Ratings, Advertiser Returns To Her Show: LI
What Will Dick’s Do With Those Rifles and Magazines They Won’t Sell? They’re Destroying Them.: John Boch


U.S. Preparing New Sanctions on Russia over Syria, Haley Says: WFB
Jew-hating Muslim rappers get Germany's most prestigious music award: Geller Report
Maybe the Russians Did It: Robert Gore

Trump Enforces 'Red Line' in Syria: No more 'Leading From Behind': Joseph Klein
Topless Feminists Protest Muslim Conference. Guess How the Muslims React: Crowder
London Stabbing Rampage: Two dead and one critical in 40 minute knife frenzy: Express

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Flying killer robots? Drones will soon decide who to kill: Peter Lee
Yahoo and AOL just gave themselves the right to read your emails (again): CNet
WhatsApp photo drug dealer caught by 'groundbreaking' work: Chris Wood


The DHS: Acquiring a Core Competency in Tyranny: SurvivalBlog
'Full Metal Jacket' actor R. Lee Ermey dies at age 74: Samuel Chamberlain
The Nothing Box: Feral Irishman

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