Sunday, April 29, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Comey Corrupt FBI Never Investigated Abedin/Clinton Laptop Emails In October 2016

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Comey Corrupt FBI Never Investigated Abedin/Clinton Laptop Emails In 10-2016: CTH
Comey Accidentally Confirms: Clinton Emails Case, Fix Was In: Andrew C. McCarthy
Gen. Mike Flynn's family aids in his defense against a frame-up: Base

Former Feinstein staffer hired Fusion GPS after 2016 election: Report: Kimberly Leonard
Sen. Tester Owes An Apology To Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson: James Hasson
Sen. Tester Issues Weaselly Statement on Jackson, Trump Counterpunches: Kim Quade

Updated Review of Details Within Lisa Page and Peter Strzok Text Messaging: CTH
Let’s talk Deep State: @Debradelai
Deal or No Deal: The Two Factions of DOJ and FBI Political “Small Group”: CTH

Deep State Update: An Unparalleled Scandal: Artvoice
Here They Come! Thousands of Illegal Aliens And We Can’t Stop Them: S. Noble
How Will Mass ‘Migrant’ Crossing Not Be an Unprovoked Foreign Attack?: David Codrea

Scandal Central

Here Are Three Scary FBI Scandal Factors You Must Know: Mark Tapscott
Chairman Devin Nunes Discusses Final Report on Russian Active Measures: CTH
Student journo puts media elites to SHAME; lays out incredibly damning case against Broward officials: BPR


White House Correspondents Association: hive of talentless hacks, propagandists and liars: Vachel Lindsay
Delusional Liar Joy Reid: Jeremy Barr
Here's Michelle Wolf's take on White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.: Meg Wagner

CNN's Brian Stelter Gets Called Out For Failing To Cover Two Major Stories: DailyWire
‘Jake Tapper may want to lawyer-up’: BPR
Facebook Blocks Daily Caller Story On FBI Texts — Blames ‘Spam’ Algorithm: Peter Hasson


Dark Days Ahead in the UK: Thomas Wictor
Alfie Evans taken off life support, mourned by Pope Francis: Kimberly Leonard
Lindsey Graham: Trump Will Deserve Nobel Peace Prize if North Korea Denuclearizes: Debra Heine

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Amazon handling our national security: Worse than you think: Keith Curtis
The Pentagon's Ray Gun Can Stall Cars, Trucks​​ With Radiation Blast: ZH
Police using genetic sites misidentified Oregon man as Golden State serial killer: Orlando Sentinel


“Freedom Is Never More Than One Generation Away From Extinction”: MOTUS
WHOA: Even journalists thought the #WHCD was AWFUL: Twitchy
The Kanye, Candace and Donald Show: Stuart Schneiderman

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