Sunday, April 01, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Details of McCabe’s False Statements Surfacing...

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Details of McCabe’s False Statements Surfacing...: CTH
Trump appears to end DACA negotiations as migrants march toward US: Kyle Feldscher
""It's a paid Hillary Clinton political hit job from A to Z": Stealth Jeff

College Mills Are Selling Visas to Foreign Students: S. Noble
Virginia Mosque Declares: Politics is Our Weapon: Creeping
Bill passed to confiscate guns for domestic-violence misdemeanors: Matthew Spina

Florida Students Walk Out in Support of the Second Amendment: GWP
Judge's death gives Trump opportunity to overhaul the liberal 9th Circuit: Melissa Quinn
Trump lays into Mexico for not stopping migrants heading to US border: Kyle Feldscher

An Uncivil Society: Theodore Dalrymple
Two defensive gun uses by CCW holders in Chicago this past week: CPRC
Why ‘Need’ Plays No Factor In Gun Debates: Tom Knighton


Trump Renews Amazon Attack, Says ‘Post Office Scam’ Must Stop: Bloomberg

Scandal Central

Gutiérrez Ordered to Repay Federal Govt. Over Misuse of Funds: Jack Heretik
Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte Discusses Prosecutor Huber and McCabe Firing: CTH
Common Question: “How do you square Mueller in all this?”: CTH


This brave sixth grader recorded her teacher’s ugly rant about Trump and went viral: Frieda Powers
Brilliant Agitprop Outlines Modern Media: CTH
Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary Changes Definition Of ‘Assault Rifle’ After Parkland Shooting: Bre Payton


The Death Of The Liberal World Order: Leonid Savin
Hamas to Swarm Israel’s Border, Sparking Fear of New ‘Passover War’: Adam Kredo
Iranian official calls MBS 'delusional' after prince warns of war: Al Jazeera

Putin Tests the West: Douglas Burton
Watch: Andrew Neil’s beginner’s guide to anti-Semitism: Steerpike
Iraq's Christians: Eighty Percent Have "Disappeared": Giulio Meotti

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Don’t Just Delete Facebook, Poison Your Data First: Raleigh Rogers
The FBI Used Classified Hacking Tools in Ordinary Criminal Investigations: Motherboard
Watch Canon's Mind-Boggling 120 Megapixel Sensor In Action: Motherboard


“Hell Took a Body, and Discovered God”: Jon Gabriel
Easter Sunday 2018: MOTUS
Amazon has quietly decided to start photographing your home each time they make a delivery: Jayson Veley

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1 comment:

Sibyl said...

That was a great Steve Franssen video.

He also has a video of the alleged refugee caravan walking through Mexico to the US:

These people are too well-fed and too clean to be traveling by foot, sleeping on the side of the road, desperate to come to the US.

It's obviously a hoax, like the last child migration - a Pallywood political propaganda production.