Thursday, April 26, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Did McCabe issue ‘Stand-Down’ order on FBI Clinton Email Investigation?

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Did McCabe issue ‘Stand-Down’ order on FBI Clinton Email Investigation?: Sara Carter
The Double Standards of the Mueller Investigation: Victor Davis Hanson
Uh oh: Comey Leaker Daniel Richman, Had "Special Access" To FBI Data: CTH

A Prosecution for McCabe?: Matthew Vadum
Democrats don’t love Bernie Sanders' jobs-for-all bill: Al Weaver
If Obama could start DACA, Trump can end it: W. James Antle III

Justice Thomas Asks: Do Aliens Enjoy Constitutional Protections?: Ken Masugi
Devin Nunes and Mark Meadows Discuss New Page/Strzok Text Messages: CTH
Kyle Kashuv: School Security Officers Used 'Very Harsh Intimidation Tactics': Debra Heine

What’s the Resistance Movement Doing to the Country?: EIB
Ronny Jackson withdraws from VA nomination: Katelyn Caralle
U.S. attorney general tiptoes around Russia probe at hearing: Reuters


$46,654: Annual Cost of Detaining Illegal Alien Exceeds Average American Income: CNS
Levin: The Alfie Evans tragedy is exactly the Left's endgame with health care: Nate Madden
Baltimore Mayor Tries to Address City's Violence by Telling Businesses When to Close: Tom Knighton

Scandal Central

James Comey Creates Deeper Legal Jeopardy With CNN Townhall Answer: CTH
Mueller, Comey & Fitzgerald, the band's back together again: CFP
Hillary's aides called the Clinton Foundation 'Chelsea's nest egg', reveals new book: DailyMail


Kanye Just Tweeted Out The Ultimate Repudiation Of Obama: Justin Caruso
Trump thanks Kanye West for his support: Caitlin Yilek
POTUS and Kanye Fold Political Space-Time Continuum; Internet Breaks: CTH

If You Want To Stop Liberal Bullying, Start By Telling Them To Buzz Off: Kurt Schlichter
Things are not going well when CNN's Anderson Cooper shreds James Comey's illegal behavior: @RealSaavedra
CNN Media Reporters Won’t Shut Up About Fox News But Ignore A Real Scandal At MSNBC: Carl Arbogast


Congressmen Call for Disclosure of U.S. Aid to Palestinian Terrorists: Adam Kredo
Brad Johnson on the attack in Toronto on April 23, 2018: Vlad Tepes
Venezuela Banned Guns. Now Their Murder Rate Is Skyrocketing.: TruePundit

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Russian 'doomsday machine' nuke could wipe out coastal infrastructure with 300ft tsunamis: Sara Malm
Win 7, Server 2008 'Total Meltdown' exploit lands, pops admin shells: Richard Chirgwin
Can IBM and Cisco make Rotterdam the smartest, IoT connected port in the world?: Jerry Bowles


Epic: First Lady Selects “Clinton China Service”, Previously Stolen by Bill and Hillary for State Dinner: CTH
Review of Strzok/Page Texts: FBI Wanted to Setup, Embarrass or Attack Trump at Campaign Rally: GWP
Golden State Killer: Authorities say ex-cop arrested as suspect in the case: WaPo

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