Friday, April 13, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Mueller at the Crossroads

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Mueller at the Crossroads: Victor Davis Hanson
Alan Dershowitz: FBI Will Leak Privileged Information About President Trump: Nick Givas
“The ACLU Would Be Up in Arms”: Isaac Chotiner

Two Friends Who Escaped from Auschwitz and Warned the World: Jackson Richman
Trump Should Use Bully Pulpit to Expose Mueller's Corruption: Schlichter
Levin: The Reagan speech on the Holocaust every Millennial should hear: Chris Pandolfo

Dirty Cop Mueller, FBI Nabbed RNC Finance Documents with Michael Cohen’s PCs: GWP
Here are White House talking points ahead of James Comey's book tour: Anna Giaritelli
Comey: Trump asked me to investigate ‘pee tape’ to reassure Melania: Ruth Brown

Two Americas: Drive-By Apocalypse vs. the Country Working: EIB
Growing Wave Of Support For Jim Jordan To Take Over As Speaker: Robert Donachie
Turncoat GOP VT Gov. Flips, Signs Massive New Gun-Control Law: Stephen Gutowski


Poll: Plurality of Democrats Credit Trump, Not Obama, for State of Economy: Haris Alic
A Thread Addressed to the President: The Good Brian
Keeping My Earnings Is Not a ‘Subsidy’: Steven Greenhut

Scandal Central

Mueller prepares to end Russia probe without interviewing Trump after Cohen raid: DailyMail
Sanders, Warren Want FCC to Revoke Sinclair's Broadcast Licenses... to Protect Free Speech: Matt Welch
Zuckerberg admits Facebook collects data on non-users: Fox

Rand Paul: “President Trump Needs to Declassify The Shenanigans”: CTH
Mark Zuckerberg: 'We Don't Think What We Are Doing Is Censoring Speech': Lucas Nolan
FBI Ignores Boston Bombers, Nikolas Cruz, Omar Mateen---But Executes Pre-Dawn Raid For Trump Tape: GWP

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Pruitt To End A Tactic Obama Used To Justify Massive EPA Rules: Michael Bastasch


New Pro-Mueller Ad Overlooks His Sketchy History: Julie Kelly
Comey book claims Trump asked him to look into Russian ‘golden showers’ rumor: Diana Stancy Correll
Chaos: Tracybeanz

CPAC 2018 The Data Points and My Conclusions: DTG
Comey, Mueller bungled big anthrax case together: Carl M. Cannon
President Tells Mueller Right Where To Shove His Interview After Raid: Andrew West


Syria-Reaping the storm Obama sowed: Martin Sherman
The Kremlin’s Dupe: Ted Kennedy’s Russia Romance: Paul Kengor
For the Second Time in a Week, an Iranian Official Threatens Destruction of Tel Aviv, Haifa: TheTower

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Lessons From a Public Health Catastrophe: Governing
Report: Nearly 1 of 10 Americans have deleted their Facebook account over privacy concerns: Kif Leswing
An apology to my Facebook followers: Graham Cluley


Escape From Washington: Biff Spackle [2011]
Trump issues executive order demanding review of Postal Service finances: Victor Morton
#ThrowbackThursday: Embrace the Suck: MOTUS

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh to have been a fly on the wall of the Oval Office yesterday when Rosenstein met with the President Trump.

They said it was just the usual business, but it must have been some serious business because Rosenstein skipped his scheduled speech introducing Sessions later in the day.