Thursday, April 05, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Big problems with Rosenstein's secret memo expanding Mueller's mandate

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Big problems with Rosenstein's secret memo expanding Mueller's mandate: LI
Trump shouldn’t talk to the special counsel.: Paul Mirengoff
Leak that Trump not 'criminal target' of Mueller looks sleazy: Thomas Lifson

Reasonable Terms for Trump's Interview with Special Counsel: Sharyl Attkisson
The Biggest Demonstration in DC Has Nothing to Do With Guns: Larry Schweikart
Deep State DOJ Defends IRS Targeting Conservative Groups: Jeff Reynolds

The Military Can Secure the Border and Build the Wall: Daniel Greenfield
Bangladesh Nationals Continue to Flood Texas Border: Bob Price
FBI closing in on 'pernicious' infiltration by Chinese govt. in U.S. schools: SperoForum

8/2/2017 Letter From Rosenstein To Mueller on Investigative Authorization: CTH
When Seconds Count, The Cops Are Only Minutes Away: Herschel Smith
Now It Starts: Grabbing Guns in Deerfield, Illinois: Kim Quade


Ending California's raid on congressional seats: Don Surber
Here’s the spending Trump and GOP could cut, and Democrats couldn’t stop: Joseph Lawler
Elizabeth Warren is a Fraud: Paul Mirengoff

Scandal Central

Threatening fight, Nunes demands document that kicked off FBI Trump-Russia investigation: Byron York
Democrats, Wasserman Schultz Negligent For Allowing Hacking Suspects Continued Access: Luke Rosiak
Donna Brazile Admits IT Scandal 'Is Bad': Nick Givas

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Trashing Arizona: Leo W. Banks


The Herd Media Stampedes Sinclair: George Neumayr
Is YouTube Censoring the Truth after the Latest Shooting?: Megan Fox
Lloyd Billingsley: The Media's Deafening Silence on the YouTube Shooter

Frog-Marching to Revolution: Gilbert T. Sewall
Wednesday's Hot Mic: PJM
Clinton Blames Comey for 2016 Loss Ahead of His Book Tour: Cameron Cawthorne


“If only we had gun control. Like those civilized Europeans”: Cold Fury
Israel Arrests 10 Palestinians Suspected of Planning Terrorist Attack on Navy Ship: David Rutz
Sadiq Khan is a lousy London Mayor. Why hasn’t anyone noticed?: Andrew Gilligan

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Novel Hydrogel-Based Solar Vapor Generator Yields Clean Drinking Water: Kenny Walter
Hennessey VelociRaptor 6X6 First Drive Review: The incredible hulk: Basem Wasef
What Makes For a Great Conversation With a Bot?: Piotr Bakker


Toxic Masculinity: Cold Fury
#OpenWhineWednesday: Riding the Corduroy Into the Sunset: MOTUS
Full throttle: Bikers for Trump has big plans: Daniel Allott

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